YouTube makes it easier for creators to turn longer content into short films

YouTube is trying to make it even easier for creators to turn their longer videos into formatted shorts for the platform’s competitor TikTok, by adding a new “Edit to Short” tool to its iOS and Android app. It will allow creators to select up to 60 seconds from one of their videos and import the clip into the Shorts editor, directly from the YouTube app on iOS or Android. From there, they can add things like text, filters, and additional videos shot with the Shorts camera or taken from their photo library.

In an announcement message for the feature, YouTube says the completed short will link to the full video it was extracted from, which could help make Shorts an ideal promotional tool for the creator’s longer content – ​​a key incentive for them to dive in. while YouTube continues to test monetization options for the feature. If a viewer enjoys a short film created with this tool, they won’t have to go to the creator’s channel and search for the full video.

Using the tool should be relatively simple.
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Unlike other tools like Trim, which lets you use five seconds of longer video in a short, or clips, which can be converted into shorts, the Edit To Short cannot be used on other users’ uploads. It will only appear in the Create menu if you are watching a video that you have downloaded.

YouTube has put a lot of emphasis on Shorts since it started rolling out the feature in 2020. It tried to incentivize creators to use the format by creating a fund that pays creators if they download Shorts. As TechCrunch Remarks, the company has also expanded its library by converting existing videos into short films, as long as they are shot vertically and under 60 seconds in length. Last month, YouTube said more than 1.5 billion people watch Shorts every month.

The YouTube post says the Edit in Short tool will “allow you to breathe new life into your classic content” and that access to it is being rolled out. While it probably won’t completely replace more traditional video editing software when it comes to creating short films (such as in a case where a creator wants to merge multiple clips of the same video), it could encourage creators to take a look at their back catalog and see if there’s anything that would work well as a short film.

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