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Residents of the Wynyard Care Center test themselves at new games with support from the community. The center purchased a Brain Trainer Plus device that offers quizzes and memory games suitable for older residents. Operations manager Yvonne Hunter said she saw how beneficial the device was when they loaned one out early last year. With a prize of over $ 5,000, they turned to the community for help and the response was overwhelming. “We had a series of raffles and quiz nights and the community of Wynyard and further afield also donated to raise the funds needed to purchase one,” she said. “It’s great. We didn’t even have to push, they gave up right away and were happy to help. We are so grateful for the support from the community.” After 12 months, the Brain Trainer arrived last week and was a hit with the residents. “It also gives them stimulation and confidence, and it activates their brains,” Ms. Hunter said. “There are quizzes and memory games and it’s really great for people with dementia. People who are quiet and don’t participate usually sit and do, especially the younger ones who have used computers in their careers. ” The centre’s lifestyle care team, including Tammy Bramich, was behind the idea and are excited to see how it will help residents in the long term. “This is something new and they are excited to try,” Ms. Bramich said.


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