“Why do they try to cry more than mourners?” — Samuel Atta Mills interviews proponents of a bipartisan investigation into Mills’ death

Brother of the late Evans Atta Mills, Samuel Atta Mills has accused people demanding a bipartisan investigation into the late president’s death of using his brother’s death for political gain.

Speaking in an interview with OB Amponsah on Ekosiisen by Asempa FMKomenda MP Edina Eguafo Abirem said there was no good intention behind the majority call.

He said the majority should instead focus on issues that matter to the country, such as the UTAG strike and the claims of the aggrieved National Builders Corps (NABCo), instead of dragging his brother’s death into politics .

“This is bad news. Why do they try to cry more than the bereaved? Annor Dompreh is someone I respected a lot, he shouldn’t make me change my perception of him. Why do they want to remember Nana Yaw every year [late President Evans Atta Mills]? …People are suffering in this country, workers are on strike, UTAG is on strike, all sorts of problems. Is that what Annor Dompreh might be thinking? Every year they use Professor Mills’ death for political purposes,’ he said.

But Chief Majority Whip Frank Annoh-Dompreh disagrees with the NDC MP.

According to Frank Annoh-Dompreh, their action is motivated by patriotism and to set the record straight due to what he said was a “mystery” surrounding the death of the late president.

“We’re not doing this out of malice, it’s purely out of patriotism and the respect we have for this country and for the late President before his death… We’ve heard different versions of Professor Mills’ death, we believe that out of patriotism, we must set the record straight,” he said on Ekosiisen from Asempa FM.

Four Majority Members of Parliament led by Chief Majority Whip Frank Annoh-Dompreh tabled a private member’s motion on Thursday calling for a bipartisan inquiry into the death of the late Speaker John Evans Atta-Mills.

The group wants Parliament to appoint a committee “to unravel the endless mystery surrounding the death of the late President Mills, whose sad event occurred on July 24, 2012”.

Besides MP Nsawam-Adoagyiri, the other sponsors of the motion are MP Tolon, Habib Iddrissu; Mpraeso MP Davis Ansah Opoku and Tema Central MP Yves Hanson-Nortey.

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