Why couldn’t the Secret Service stop the Ejura murders? – Randy Abbey quiz

Media consultant and “Good Morning Ghana” host Randy Abbey said the intelligence Ejura security agencies gathered about a possible rampage should have enabled them to take action to prevent the chaos that unfolded. produced on June 29.

Speaking on JoyNews News File On Saturday, he said the key importance of intelligence is to equip security agencies to adequately prepare to crack down on all actions aimed at preventing the victims.

Mr Abbey questioned why the police had not used the chosen intelligence to deploy personnel appropriately to prevent young people from going out on the streets in the first place.

“I’m a little surprised to hear over and over again ‘we chose intelligence, we had intelligence’. Yet this kind of intelligence could not lead the authorities to take action to prevent riots or clashes. One of the benefits of intelligence is to avoid or prevent something.

“So if we keep hearing that we have chosen intelligence, what have we done with intelligence? If we had had information that people were coming out, and you obviously should have put in place measures to prevent what happened, ”he told Samson Lardy Anyenini on Saturday.

His comments follow testimony from the Ashanti regional minister and the Ejura municipal director general, who informed the three-member committee investigating the Ejura killings that they received information of a possible rampage on Tuesday, June 29.

According to Mr. CE Mohammed Salisu Bamba, the intelligence led him and the security chiefs to seek help from the divisional command.

“I was informed that security had gathered information that there was going to be an attack and other acts of vandalism in town.

“That evening, all the security chiefs, the BNI, the police officer and the police were all at the police station. I was the only person absent. We were therefore in constant contact that evening.

“I and the security chiefs agreed that we should call for help from Divisional Command to investigate what happened that evening. After the discussion I followed up with a call to the Divisional Police Command to help us with some security on the ground to make sure everything is in order.

“Around 11 pm, I got the information that the police had arrived with a water cannon. A few minutes after the decision, I again had the information that the soldiers had also arrived. We were asked to take care of the accommodation, ”he said.

But according to Mr. Randy Abbey, regardless of the information, security agencies should have taken steps to restore calm in Ejura after young people showed signs of unrest after activist Ibrahim Mohammed was buried as well. known as Kaaka.

“Even without intelligence, I mean even common sense will tell you that if you look at the plea of ​​the deceased and look at the circumstances surrounding his death, common sense should even tell you, you should even expect something. thing like that.

“Because according to the reports we had, they went to the burial and burial, obviously agitated because it’s primary knowledge that the guy was murdered. So it’s not like s ‘he died naturally,’ he said.

For him, the seriousness of the dispute covered by JoyNews’ Erastus Asare Donkor was not beyond the control capabilities of the Ashanti Regional Police Command, so the military had to be deployed to intervene.

The decision to bring in the army, he said, undermines the effectiveness of the police command in the Ashanti region.

“I can’t understand how much what we saw was beyond the capabilities of the Ashanti area police, because if what we saw is beyond the capabilities of the Ashanti area police, then we don’t. have no police.

“To be honest with you, what did we see? That we say the police in the area couldn’t deal with it, and we had to bring in the military to deal with what we saw.

Mr Randy Abbey also asked why the public officials who revealed during their appearance before the investigative committee that they had chosen information about Ejura’s rampage were still in office.

“Why are the people who said they chose intelligence still on the job and still have the nerve to appear on TV and tell us everything they tell us?” He asked.

He also warned the three-member panel chaired by George Kingsley Koomson, a judge of the Court of Appeal, to be careful with the series of questions put to witnesses attending the investigation.

“I’m a little confused by the line of questioning and commenting from Commission members, and I think they need to check it out. I should think that now they should watch a broadcast of the sessions and wonder if they don’t even get too angry and stuff, ”he said.

“I listened to Erastus talk about his meeting with the Committee and the use of the video footage he provided. Why they decided to go with the one that had captions and not the raw footage and decided to take it over, on those things and whatever is a problem.

“If you listen to him and the CitiTV reporter, you will realize that they are not even comfortable with the work of the committee, and they suspect that the committee may have a certain agenda.” Mr Abbey added.

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