Who owns the legs? The optical illusion of a kissing couple has people perplexed

April 6, 2022, 2:50 p.m.

What is happening here? We are confused!

Photo: Reddit

People can’t figure out what’s going on with this couple’s legs.

A seemingly normal photo of a couple hugging on a beach has gone viral for the weirdest reason.

The image in question recently resurfaced on Redditand left people perplexed due to the optical illusion created by the couple’s legs.

The photo, posted alongside the caption: “My brain hurts…”, shows a man and a woman embracing in front of a beautiful beach.

The man faces the camera and the woman hugs him while facing the camera.

The couple seems to have switched legs, but what's really going on?

The couple seems to have switched legs, but what’s really going on?

Photo: Reddit

If you look closely at the pair’s legs, you’ll see something is wrong as it looks like they’ve switched legs.

People were left puzzled by the image and tried to find out the truth behind the illusion.

We took a good look and we think we understood. But before revealing everything, do you?

It looks like the man is wearing black and white shorts which, due to the loose fit, makes the white of the shorts look like the woman’s pants.

However, if you look closely you can see that what the woman is wearing is not shown and the crease of the white part of the man’s shorts has just coincidentally gathered where his legs are.

We recognize that it is the two-tone men's shorts that sow confusion

We recognize that it is the two-tone men’s shorts that is the source of the confusion.

Photo: Reddit

Some people on the Reddit forum had the same idea as us, however, some have other explanations to make sense of the optical illusion.

One person commented: ‘Took me a while to figure out he had a sweater tied around his waist’ – we never even thought of that!

Another wrote: “I think the wind is blowing the blue skirt and making it wrap around her legs.”

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