‘What’s wrong with you’ quiz results are beyond savage

Personality quizzes titled What The F Is Wrong With You are going viral and the results aren’t afraid to tell players how it is.

The internet loves good trends, and this week it’s What The F Is Wrong With You? quiz.

Earlier this year, tests to “calculate” the odds of finding your dream partner circulated on the internet, titled Female Delusion Calculator – a snub meaning that women’s standards are too high – while the male version is called Male Reality Calculator.

The What’s Wrong With You? the quizzes are just for fun, but the results can get a little brutal. Many on social media say they feel personally attacked by the results.

HITC reminds readers that the tests are merely a joke, so the answers should not be taken seriously.

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How to take the What The F Is Wrong With You quiz

There are at least three personality tests with similar titles that have gone viral, although they were all created on UQuiz.

The one created by a user named deerkings is titled “What’s wrong with you”, with the compelling tagline: “I’m an expert, listen to me, please.”

The second test goes even further with “what’s really wrong with you” with the tantalizing catchphrase of “let me help you by calling you”.

The latest version beats the previous two with all caps: “Let me tell you WHAT the real f*** is wrong with you,” the creator captioned it. They capped it all off with a cheerful slogan: “Let’s rock this b****”.

The results are not at all lenient

Deerkings’ first quiz will rank players in four ways: crippling loneliness, spending all your formative years online is luv xx mental illness, and gifted child burnout.

I received “mental illness luv xx” and the description is more of a compliment than an insult. It reads: “You are not medicated or your meds don’t work due to your situation. Your taste in fashion is f****** impeccable and you constantly call yourself sexy, even if you don’t don’t really believe it. Sometimes you just have to say to yourself “it’s going to be okay, you dramatic bitch”.

Thanks for the pep talk.

Quiz 2 has seven different answers:

  1. your eccentric
  2. No one ever loved you
  3. Victim Complex
  4. buzz kill
  5. You are a sucker and a people pleaser
  6. you are too sexy
  7. You think you’re an edgelord, don’t you

My result was “victim complex” and bluntly gave me advice: “get your head out of your ass and stop crying all the time”.

The last quiz includes the answer “you are normal”

The latest version has the most results, with 30% of people getting “you’re normal”:

  1. you are normal
  2. Gifted Burnout
  3. Bottom
  4. Background character #17
  5. FAF (funny or fit as shit)
  6. TMS (too much swag)
  7. Stupid asshole
  8. The Pop Rocks are in your ass
  9. too much freedom
  10. Boring as hell
  11. You are a stick in the mud
  12. compulsive liar
  13. Budding Sasuke
  14. You need the biggest hug ever
  15. you are a weirdo

Just when I thought getting “you’re normal” was a positive response, I was accused of being fake: “There’s nothing wrong with you but you want it to be. You’re probably faking fights and supporting whatever’s trending. The response then goes on to say, “You are acting really fake and you want to be the main character. You impose yourself on others (not literally) and are bossy. gtfo.

If you want to be humble, one of these quizzes should do the trick.

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