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You know that moment when you pick up a magazine, take a little personality quiz, and then decide to get a divorce? Yes, we’ve all been there.

And if you can believe it, celebrities are just like you and me. Singer-songwriter Adele recently shared that one of these quizzes proved the motivation behind her 2018 split from ex-partner Simon Konecki in ‘Adele One Night Only’ – a special that aired at the end of the year. last year on CBS. Along with renditions of old and new songs, the special featured an interview with talk show host Oprah Winfrey, who dove deep into the music-releasing superstar’s six-year hiatus. Thanks to Winfrey’s rigorous investigative reporting, the public is now in on the juicy details of Adele’s divorce, and are the details…relevant? May be?

It depends on how confident you are about personality quizzes. Adele shared that she came across such a quiz while reading a magazine with friends. The question “What would no one ever know about you?” precipitated the realization that the performer was not satisfied with her life, much to the surprise of her friends. Apparently, one person’s trivial entertainment is another’s life-changing awakening.

In the interview, Adele also expressed feeling very estranged from the person she was when she married Konecki and disconnected from herself and life; marriage was simply an obstacle to his well-being. To some extent, Adele’s divorce story is kinda sad, kinda funny, and mostly forgettable within five minutes of reading the title. In another light, I implore you to see that Adele’s story and the magazine’s personality quiz are actually quite inspiring.

Many too often let self-care and understanding fall by the wayside these days, only to continue to ‘plod along’, in Adele’s words. Who am I to judge his openness and deep self-awareness? We should be grateful for unexpected moments of reflection, no matter what inspires them, and feel empowered by the courage it took Adele to put herself first.

Grasping life by the horns takes some bravery, especially when you begin to contemplate the steps that led them to their current station. But there may be forces beyond these earthly boundaries conspiring against us: Adele warned that her Saturn Return – the astrological phenomenon in which the planet returns to its elliptical longitude at the time of its birth, usually occurring around the age of 30 – may be partly responsible for his recent malaise. This astral event is associated with experiencing the trials and tribulations of adulthood for the first time, which Adele recounts in her new studio album (aptly titled “30”).

I don’t think I’m ready to die on a hill of horoscopes. Bottom Line: Next time you’re out with friends and spot this magazine, just give your spouse a call before moving on to the personality quiz section.

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. The real result: prepare for your return from Saturn.

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