What software did your phone use before you upgraded to Android?

It almost seems like Android has been around forever, but it’s not. The HTC Dream / G1 was only released in 2008, and while some of our younger audience may have been “born” to Android, many of us have moved on. Looking back, what software platform did you last use before heading out to those greener, bug-laden pastures?

We now take the efficient Android / iOS duopoly for granted, but in the old smartphone age of our ancestors (around 2007-2011) there was a parcel more options. I invite criticism with sentiment, but I would say Android wasn’t even among the best platforms available at the time. However, it certainly became the role, especially with the release of Android 4.0 ICS in 2011. But before we moved on to Android, most of our older readers were probably using something else.

Many of the mid-August proprietary dumbphone operating systems didn’t even have names. Many of them were based on common platforms such as BREW or various ambiguous Java platforms, however Symbian was a popular and well-branded option that has persisted for many versions and years. Many Android users have come to our shores after the demise of other platforms, like Windows Phone and Blackberry OS.

A good chunk of our readers aren’t using Android at all right now – sorry, but this poll doesn’t apply to you guys. But if you used something before switching to Android, what was it? We can’t encompass all the options – especially given all of the unnamed platforms that have existed for various multifunction phones through the eras – but With a bit of luck, the options below cover most of the more popular choices. If you have performed the switch more than once, respond to your last change.

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