What screen size do you consider “small” for a phone?

It’s a bank holiday weekend. For many, this is the first big chance we’ve had to see friends or family in a year and a half. So, let’s keep today’s question simple, short and not too deep: what do you consider a “small” phone?

The concept is definitely a sliding scale, as illustrated by the recent case of the ASUS Zenfone 8. With a 5.9 “screen and a body measuring 148 x 68.5mm, it’s definitely small compared to larger devices. modern, fitting into the footprint of a Galaxy S21 with room to spare. But half a decade ago those numbers would have been average. -the road, if not objectively bigger, fine changing designs and smaller bezels have an impact.Nevertheless, over the past five years, phones have had a positive impact inflated, much to the chagrin of little phone enthusiasts all over the world.

However, since we’re at the end of a transition, we might not all think of the same sizes when we think of “small phone”. In fact, when we reviewed the Zenfone 8, we had a big internal conversation about what exactly makes a phone “small” in 2021. In the end, we didn’t find a clear answer, we just decided. that the phone was called small. – or, at least, petit-ish. Based on that, we draw the line somewhere around 6 “in screen size for modern designs, almost bezel-less (and below about 150 x 70mm in physical dimensions). This makes phones like the Pixel 4a of 5.81 “” small “by our definition and the iPhone 12 Mini of 5.4” positively dinky.

Based on the reviews, it looks like our readers could beat the hypothetical average in their love for small devices. While we have nothing to compare to today’s results, I’m curious about exactly where you put the line today for a “small” phone. To keep things simple and avoid needing multiple polls for different types of dimensions, consider modern frameless designs of the currently trending aspect ratios, and stick to screen size.

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