Weymouth High graduates urged to ‘have courage’

Guess what everyone, we made it! I extend my congratulations to the seniors on completing their particularly courageous time in high school, and to their tutors and staff who made this victory possible. No matter how long or treacherous your route, our journey through life’s last and most intimidating obstacle course is over.

Final? Yes, definitive. While our high school journeys presented some unique hurdles or accolades, we’ve come to the same end point here: graduation.

But unlike an obstacle course with a definitive conclusion, life in the afterlife is not an obstacle course, but an open world sandbox game filled with endless paths, multiple roads and of a myriad of purposes.

Now, graduating from high school is no small feat, passing the tests and quizzes was worth it and difficult. However, after high school, life decisions are less about taking the right path to overcome set obstacles towards a set goal, but about choosing a right path through a nebulous and vibrant future.

The tutorial, our unique unified questline, is complete. Finally, given the freedom to explore the many levels and stages of life at our leisure, we find our own way forward and in doing so we evolve from a player of the game to an artist, able to forge a unique path. for the future.

Progress will no longer be quantifiable or definable in simple quizzes and tests, choosing to study or drop out, but instead we will face life-changing decisions, like choosing colleges and careers, where to recognize the best answer. , if any, is almost impossible.

As a valedictorian, the master of choosing the “correct” path to high school, without having a clear path to follow, I argue, is a much more terrifying dilemma.

Choosing complacency over initiative and missing out on life-changing opportunities will be enticing. There is no deadline for deciding post-secondary plans and living a fulfilling life. But we cannot find more fame and fortune in the game of life unless we have the courage to plunge into unknown and frightening territories.

And although we come back empty-handed, our trips have become our own reward. It’s definitely better than not venturing out at all. I leave the wise advice my math teacher gave me before I left high school to everyone: “Make decisions. »Spending his life curling up on the risks and consequences

Spending your life curling up on the risks and consequences is to miss the point. The goal is not to achieve a perfect life, but to aspire to live a life that you can be proud of.

Don’t just stumble upon the breaking wave of life, but have the courage to ride it all the way to shore.

Or not. I am not your mother. And even if I was, your life is yours. Farewell

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