VR Spellcaster Stones Of Harlath Comes To PC With New Content

The retro-style VR spellcasting game, Stones of Harlath, is finally available on PC VR headsets, and there’s some new content to boot.

The first-person magic game, first released on Oculus Quest a few months ago, can now be picked up on the Oculus Rift and Steam stores. All versions of the game now also feature new content in the form of an arena mode. This pits players against enemies in the game, including all-new boss fights you won’t have seen in the campaign.

This update also includes the ability to make enemies and NPCs in high resolution, as well as gameplay improvements and adjustments.

Stones of Harlath introduces gesture-based spell combat with a dungeon crawl campaign. We loved the visual style and basic mechanics of the game, but felt the experience was over far too early, with little room to flesh out its premises. “The fight has some interesting ideas but is for the most part very basic and there is very little content here,” we said in our review. “Garage Collective has something special about his signature art style, but it feels like he’s always looking for the perfect game to go with it.”

It’s good to see the game get more content, then. Elsewhere, we know the studio is working on another VR title which will hopefully be revealed soon.

Are you going to discover Stones of Harlath? Let us know in the comments below!

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