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Hello. Boris Johnson’s conference speech received a very warm welcome at the Conservative Party conference yesterday, but speeches don’t always age well and since then doubts about it have grown. Even some of the right-wing newspapers have expressed reservations.

And last night Opinium poll released suggesting Sir Keir Starmer’s lecture speech made a better impression. Here are the main graphics.



The results of our instant poll on Johnson’s speech.

The verdict – positive, but not as positive as Starmer’s.

% who think it appeared as:
Strong – 53%
Proficient – 49%
Cares about ordinary people – 46%
Listening to people’s concerns – 44%
Interesting – 40%

October 6, 2021


In all measures (except “interesting”) Johnson’s speech was worse than Starmer’s last week.

Notably, 55% say they agree with what Johnson had to say (versus 63% for Starmer).

41% disagreed with what he had to say (vs. 29% for Starmer).

October 6, 2021


Part of the reason is that Johnson is a more divisive political figure.

But his speech still did a good job of keeping his election-winning coalition happy.

80% of Conservative voters in 2019 said they agreed with what he had to say, only 16% disagreed.

October 6, 2021

Polls should always be treated with some caution, and these figures are particularly provisional because, according to Sky News, which commissioned the poll, respondents have only seen extracts of the speeches. Almost no one watches party conference speeches in their entirety, and the impact they have is determined by what people read or hear about them through the media, and still is.

Yet on that measure finally, Johnson was beaten by the man he dubbed “the human weather vane, the chameleon Starmer”.

For a good look at how the newspapers report on the speech, read the summary in Politico’s London Playbook, which is particularly comprehensive.

Parliament is still on vacation and it looks like it will be a quiet day in Westminster. Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng speaks at an energy conference, Maroš Šefčovič, the EU’s main Brexit negotiator, delivers a speech on the Northern Ireland Protocol, and ministers are expected to announce a change to the Covid Travel Red List this afternoon.

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