Uttar Pradesh polls: Akhilesh invokes Ambedkar as he steps up attack on BJP and BSP


Samajwadi Party Chairman Akhilesh Yadav invoked BR Ambedkar on Saturday as he stepped up his attack on the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and opposition Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) ahead of the second phase of the polls for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections on 14 February.

Yadav denounced the BJP-led state government for the “exorbitant rise” in petrol and diesel prices. “If they return to power, gasoline and diesel prices could cross 200 a litre,” he said as he campaigned for party candidates in Badaun and Shahjahanpur constituencies who will go to the polls in the second of seven-phase elections in the state.

The first phase of voting in western UP took place on February 10, while the counting of votes will take place on March 10.

The BJP promised the poor would travel by air, but due to soaring fuel prices they cannot even own a motorbike or a car, the SP leader said, adding that ruling party leaders had lied in the 2022 assembly election. campaign.

“All BJP men lie. A little worker tells a little lie, while a big boss tells bigger lies. The greatest leader tells the biggest lies,” Yadav said.

Expressing his confidence in his party’s victory, the former chief minister added that after the first phase of the 58-seat poll was completed on February 10, “people have decided to defeat the BJP and we don’t have to wait until March 10 (counting of the votes) to know the result”.

“The SP-Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) alliance is coming to power. In the second phase of elections in Budaun, Sambhal and Moradabad, the BJP is going to be wiped out,” he claimed.

In a veiled attack on the Mayawati-led BSP, Yadav said a party that has “deviated” from Ambedkar’s ideals is fighting the election to prevent the SP from defeating the BJP.

“To protect the Constitution, Samajwadis and Ambedkarites must jointly bring about change in Uttar Pradesh as this election will decide the future of the youth,” he said.

Without naming the BSP, he added that many people from “this party” joined the SP.

He also attacked Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, calling him a baba mukhyamantri, because of his remark “garmi nikalna” (calm someone down).

“Baba CM says he will eliminate garmi (heat) and his party workers developed cold feet (thande pad gaye hain) after the first phase of the poll,” Yadav said. “The second round (of voting) will chill them further.”

He also attacked the state government for “not helping the people during the Covid-19 pandemic”.

The BJP reacted strongly, saying the SP did not follow Ambedkar when he was in power.

“The SP leader only invoked Ambedkar to get votes. When the SP is in power, it does not follow the ideals of Ambedkar and poses a threat to the Constitution given by Ambedkar,” UP BJP spokesperson Avnish Tyagi said.

“Akhilesh ji, your time is up. People are ready to reject you for presenting contaminated candidates. As if your love for Jinnah wasn’t enough, you have now started to openly side with the mafia, but your attempts to scare people off will not succeed. The first-round polling trends in Western UP are encouraging enough and clearly show the writing on the wall. Just wait for March 10, when your worst fears will come true,” said Himanshu Dubey, UP BJP Co-Head of Media.

BSP leader Mayawati previously denounced the SP for “pursuing caste policies, promoting dynastic rule and changing the names of districts and institutions bearing the name of Ambedkar”.


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