Unlocking the Next Big Opportunity: The Rise of Online Content Creators in Rural India

With the pandemic severely affecting conventional livelihoods, people are increasingly turning to the content creation industry

By Kinner N. Sacchdev

With the rise of digital technology and streaming platforms in recent years, content creation has emerged in a tremendous way. It has become an extremely lucrative business avenue for content creators and consumers alike. According to a report by EY, India’s content industry stood at a valuation of $19 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $30.6 billion by 2023, all thanks to pan-Indian digital adoption and to Internet penetration. As the online content industry moves at breakneck speed, it’s no wonder a content streaming giant like Youtube is anticipating $30 billion in annual revenue by the end of the year. ‘year.

Hence, more and more people across the country aim to take advantage of the promising prospect of content creation and then monetize it online for the world. With the pandemic putting a severe strain on conventional livelihoods, people are increasingly turning to the content creation industry. This has been even more evident in rural and remote areas where countless people have successfully unlocked new income-generating opportunities by displaying and monetizing their skills online in front of ready-to-consume audiences.

We are seeing a massive influx of farmers and farmers, artisans, skilled teenagers and thousands of creators who are now turning to the online realm to create and market content while sharing it via a plethora of channels like YouTube and other social media platforms. . The main catalyst for this content boom has been the massive proliferation of internet and digital services. With a large population of the country enjoying cheap internet access and smartphone technology equipped with cameras, content-friendly apps, editing tools, and more, content creation n has never been easier.

On top of all that, pair this frenzy of content with the enormous and timeless knowledge and experience present among the people of rural India. From village elders to hardy, hard-working youngsters to shrunken matriarchs, there is something rare and precious for everyone to share. The range of themes can vary from growing and cultivation techniques, organic farming, hydroponics, astrology to yoga, to delicious, fiercely guarded recipes passed down from generation to generation. The Indian content scene is teeming with thousands of online creators who visibly share their skills, knowledge and expertise with millions of people.

The process goes a bit further than the general flow of content shared on social media platforms and YouTube. People with a certain set of skills and competencies seek to monetize their knowledge through tailored online courses and, thus, capitalize on this largely untapped trend. Today, online influencers have become opinion leaders due to the enormous online trust they instill in their legion of followers. Therefore, when these online influencers start promoting one of their in-depth courses, their followers gladly oblige by purchasing the course.

It has become a raging trend these days as many content creators are taking advantage of this opportunity to further monetize their expertise and know-how. Take for example, the youtube channel IamSrimantha; a channel that shares both the knowledge and talent needed to become a stock trader. The channel mainly caters to the Kannada speaking audience. This YouTube channel has a significant number of fans across the country, with a large majority of rural Kannada speakers aspiring to learn and start trading on their own, even though Priyaram and his team are based in Bangalore. With new videos appearing daily on Youtube, the channel currently has over 25,000 subscribers and over 15 million views. Truly, a remarkable feat!

Right now, content creators are probably one of the most unique characters in the ever-evolving digital tribe. They can be anything; whether they are subject matter experts, artists, avid storytellers, travelers, stunt performers, mindfulness practitioners, and more. Pervasive digitalization has further spawned new sensitivities among the Indian rural population. They are genuinely interested in sharing their vast treasures of knowledge with everyone. Additionally, they also sport a strong desire to engage with the rest of the world while hoping that their experiences and learning can help others in meaningful ways.

Therefore, new age online course platforms provide a hitherto unimaginable opportunity for rural followers by enabling them to captivate online audiences by sharing their skills. With platforms collaborating with content creators experiencing such significant growth, creators in rural India will continue to enjoy support and assistance from all corners.

(The author is co-founder and CEO, Knorish. Opinions expressed are personal.)

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