Under fire from the residence, Eric Adams goes on the offensive

This last take was how Roberto Martinez, bus driver and former police officer, saw it. At the bus depot along with other members of Local 100 of the Transportation Workers Union, he called the candidate a “true and blue New Yorker.”

“It doesn’t matter,” he said of the residency issue. “If you’re in Manhattan, you can see New Jersey. If that’s the best they have, forget it. The President of the United States lives in Washington, DC That doesn’t mean he doesn’t represent the people of Washington, DC and the people of New Hampshire. If he wants to go spend the weekend in Jersey with his girlfriend, I won’t mind.

Election law experts said the law was on Mr. Adams’ side.

The law of the State governing residence states that “residence” means a “place where a person has a fixed, permanent and principal domicile and where he, wherever he is temporarily, still intends to return”.

Courts have generally allowed candidates to have two residences, and they can choose one as their “political home,” said Martin Connor, an election lawyer who served as a state senator for 30 years until 2008.

Mr Connor, who does not work for any of the mayoral candidates, said the courts have generally been generous with the candidates, sometimes allowing people to claim a place of residence even if they only stay there two nights per week. He said Mr. Adams’ choice to stay with his girlfriend in New Jersey “does not preclude his Brooklyn residence”.

“Usually you are OK if you have an apartment, a bed, a refrigerator, especially if you own the building,” he said.

Mayor Bill de Blasio also from Mr. Adams’ side.

“I have known Eric Adams for decades,” he said during his daily press briefing on Thursday. “He’s a Brooklynite. He’s a New Yorker. He served the city in several capacities. I just don’t see a problem here.

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