This Dragon Ball Z Goku vs Majin Vegeta wood carving is awesome


Dragon Ball Z has a lot of legendary fights and rivalries, most of which involve Goku. Of all the villains Kakarot has faced, none live up to the enemy / enemy / friend relationship he has with Vegeta.

Since the first season of Dragon Ball Z, these two Saiyan warriors have either literally fought or fought to beat each other in the form of competitions, either getting stronger or beating stronger opponents. Arguably the best of them – outside of perhaps their first round of interactions – happens when Vegeta again becomes an antagonist for the sake of power, thus becoming Majin Vegeta in the process.

The betrayal gives rise to another epic story between the two, as Vegeta tries to prove he can beat Kakarot even now. To commemorate this classic fight, Youtube channel Woodart Vietnam made an epic wood carving, which you can see below.

Taking 30 days to make, Sculptors craft this insane piece of Dragon Ball Z art, which they call Dragon Ball: Goku vs Majin Vegeta. Anyone wishing to get their own version of this artwork can purchase it. here.

Just beware that it doesn’t come cheap, costing $ 980 to $ 1,800 at the time of writing. On the site, you will also find many other amazing sculptures from your favorite cartoons, comics and movies, including many works based on Demon Slayer, DC and Marvel.

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