The simple exposure effect: why familiarity breeds content

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You might have had the experience of going out for the night, feeling good, taking a few selfies of yourself with friends to commemorate how beautiful your hair was. Only to find, the next day, that the photos of you taken by friends the same evening are not so flattering.

How were you so beautiful in the pictures you took of yourself and not in the pictures taken by your friends?

The answer is in something called ‘the simple exhibition’ indeed, a psychological phenomenon by which people tend to develop a preference for things because they know them.

This effect can be applied to the preference we usually have for ‘our version’ of our appearance, having seen this appearance most often in the mirror (but which is actually an inverted image of ourselves) – but can also extend to how the marketing (and propaganda) messages make us feel, and – in healing phobias – in how it is possible to neutralize visual stimuli that we might otherwise find disturbing.

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