The Fiji Times »Dunn Condemns Explicit Content Sharing

Sharing a video involving two boys who were forced to engage in sexual acts is another example of how abusers can perversely use technology, the Online Security Commissioner (OSC) said. Anne Dunn.

In a statement, she said the commission strongly condemns sharing of explicit content on social media platforms and that sharing such content without consent is sexual harassment.

She also said the commission saw an increase in reports of online abuse in recent months compared to the past two years and it was evident that intimate videos and images were being shared widely on messaging platforms.

“Report it, block it and don’t share it.”

Meanwhile, the People’s Alliance also begged the audience to refrain from sharing the video.

In a statement, the party said it was deeply concerned about the incident and unequivocally condemned all forms of sexual misconduct, exploitation, violence, trafficking and abuse.

“All those responsible for the heinous act must be treated appropriately within the full framework of the law,” the statement said.

The party also called on the relevant government and police authorities to help provide the medical and counseling services necessary for the healing and protection of the victims, the party said.

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