The Calumniation Games by Kakegurui Creator Gets Japanese Release Date For PS5, PS4 & Switch

Today, Izanagi Games announced the Japanese release date for the hybrid escape / bullet hell shoot ’em up game Yurukill: The Calumniation Games.

The game will release in Japan for PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch on April 14, 2022, making the previously announced Spring 2022 release window.

You will notice that the PC version is not mentioned, which probably implies that it will launch alongside the Western version, which we know will be managed by NIS America. That being said, NIS has yet to make an announcement, so we’ll have to wait and see.

If you are not familiar with the game, it is written by Homura Kawamoto, who you may know from creating Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler, and his younger brother, Hikaru Muno.

The character design is by manga artist Hiro Kiyohara, who worked on Valkyria Revolution, while the music is by Yuko Komiyama, known for the Monster Hunter and Mega Man series.

Here’s how the developer describes Yurukill: The Calumniation Games.

Solve puzzles

Investigate the attractions and uncover clues to help you solve the puzzles you encounter.

In preparation for victory, the teams face off against their attractions at the Yurukill Games. The documents you get from solving puzzles are the key to unlocking the secrets behind everything.

Collect clues from helpful conversations to support the player and make sure even the most difficult puzzles don’t get in the way of enjoying the game.

Maji-kill time

Put it all on the line in extreme cross-examinations, life and death!

Executioners can end the lives of their prisoners at any time through their Yurukill passports. With their lives at stake, prisoners face cross-examination at the hands of their torturers.

Make the right selections in the allotted time and overcome all obstacles in the conversations!

Judgment Yurukill

Discover cutting-edge BR (Brain Reality), developed by Yurukill, Inc.

The Prisoners and Executioners pilot the Yurukill Fighters in the virtual reality generated by the BR. Prisoners must risk their lives in this fierce exchange of fire as they seek the truth of the incidents they are accused of!

The difficulty can be adjusted for players who want to focus on the story.

High speed quiz

Take the helm of your Yurukill Fighter and dive into the details of your alleged crimes in high speed quizzes.

Earn lives to use in the BR based on the number of correct answers.

Shoot ’em Up Steps

As a prisoner, you will be hunted down by a multitude of different enemies.

Defeat your attackers and avoid being shot while you try to reach your executioner!

Synapse of prejudice

Explore a visual representation of your executioner’s mind.

Use the evidence you get during the adventure sections to destroy the prejudices lurking in their heads and free them from the idea that you, the prisoner, are guilty.

Maze of the mind

The neural pathway is a visualization of the road to the executioner’s brain heart, containing what he perceives to be the truth.

Complete the sentences for each incident and work your way through the labyrinth of thoughts.

Boss battles

Face the tormentors in intense boss battles.

Destroy the “walls of the mind” and “brain barriers” – the shields that manifest to protect the torturers’ innermost thoughts – and prove that you have been falsely accused!

Run the glove over and over in fire mode, unlocked as you progress through the main story.

Score Attack Mode

Choose your fighter

In Score Attack mode, face your choice of stage in your choice of fighter.

Each prisoner pilots a different Yurukill Fighter with their own quirks, allowing for a variety of play styles.

Ranked score attack mode

In this mode, players can face any stage of their choice in Stage Score Attack, or play through all unlocked stages consecutively in Complete Score Attack. With freedom over the stage you’re playing on and a variety of difficulties to choose from, they’re also great for practice.

Aim to beat your own score in the top 100 in the personal highest ranked mode, or compete with players from across the country for the top spot in the online ranked mode.

Pick a playstyle that suits you and aim for that elusive score!

If you want to see more, you can check out plenty of gameplay trailers, more gameplay, the theme song performed by Saori Hayami, and several character trailers starring Kristina Kobayashi, Allan Poe Akechi, Keiichi Oka, Hanaka Ichirin, Izane Akegarasu, Gentoku Omuro, Kagura Kagutsuchi, Raita Yamada, Futa Yamada, Sengoku Shunju, Rina Azami, and Yurukill Games host, Binko

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