The Brook Singers delight the crowd at the cabaret

Friends and families gathered in the auditorium of Meadowbrook High School for the annual performance of the Brook Singers cabaret show. This year’s theme was “You Asked For It”.

Director Todd Bates spoke about the music selections, saying the band polled people throughout the school year to get requests. Each song in the show was chosen by students and audience members.

The show had an interactive quiz game between sets. Joel Weigand, one of the Brook Singers, played host and entertainer for the evening. Crowd members could log into Kahoot! and take music-themed quizzes as students prepare for upcoming acts.

Elyce Winans wears Autumn Walker during "Surface pressure." Winans sang the role of Lousia Madrigal during the show.

Act I consisted of hits from Disney’s hit “Encanto,” a tribute to Dolly Parton by the ladies of Brook Singer, and a powerful rendition of Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now.” The band kept the energy going in the second act with performances of “Summer of 69”, “Safety Dance” and the Ne-Yo hit “Let Me Love You”, among others.

Diane Box was playing with the band as Abuela Madrigal. Box, the creator of the Brook Singers will be retiring this year, and the group felt honored to include her on the show.

Funding for the production came from the Choral Dinner hosted by the Brook Singers earlier in the year.

For more information on the Brook Singers or the cabaret, contact Todd Bates at 740-685-2566.

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