Sunday Fan Poll: Which Rams Player Is Most Likely To Pass 1,000 Yards?

There will be 17 games next season, so this is one more opportunity for a player to cross the 1,000 yard mark. All the more reason to say that “1,000 yards are not what they used to be,” which was about as true last season as it will be in 2021.

In terms of being a wide receiver, 1,000 yards are certainly not what they used to be. Quarterbacks throw the ball more often, receivers have more opportunities, and passing records are steadily falling. Interestingly, however, there were 20 1,000-yard receivers in 2005, up from 18 in 2020. Steve Smith of Carolina led the league with 1,563 and Randy Moss of Oakland was last with 1,005. yards.

But with 17 games and a few more assists than runs, players like Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods should be more likely to get over 1,000 yards. Kupp had 974 yards in 15 games and the only time he entered the Millennium was 2019, when he made 94 catches for 1,161 yards and 10 touchdowns. Woods had 936 yards in 16 games last season. After not hitting 800 yards in any of his first five campaigns, Woods totaled 1,219 yards in 2018 and 1,134 yards in 2019.

Although DeSean Jackson, Tutu Atwell and Van Jefferson have been added to the mix over the past two years, a Rams receiver other than Woods or Kupp is unlikely to cross more than 1,000 yards unless injured.

When it comes to being a running back, 1,000 yards are definitely not what they used to be. It should now be a lot more impressive when a back crosses that mark. The full backs are more often in the committees and as I said, the teams favor the pass a little more than before. Cam Akers is in a good spot for a running back as Todd Gurley has shown that not only can you exist in Sean McVay’s offensive position – you can play the lead in it.

Akers got a little high at the start of the year, then missed a few games in the first quarter of the season, so didn’t become the real starter until Week 13. But he had 390 yards in four games. Week 11- Week 14 then later ran for 221 yards in two playoff games. Akers has shown that, given the opportunities, he can produce even more than a “1,000-yard fullback” and I’m sure McVay is excited to give him those chances again in 2021.

Of course, Darrell Henderson can’t be fired and he could have fallen 1,000 yards last season, had it not been for the fact that he proved he… Henderson couldn’t push Malcolm Brown out of the box. photo and eventually lost too many shots to him, then Akers, and was basically out of rotation in December. But Henderson doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and if anything happens to Akers, we don’t know much else about running back competition at the moment. Moreover, Akers has yet to prove himself and has yet to earn the job.

So which player is most likely to get over 1,000 yards in 2021?


Which Rams player is most likely to gain at least 1,000 offensive yards in 2021?

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    Cam Akers (only for rushing yards)

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    Robert Woods (receiving yards only)

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    Cooper Kupp (receiving yards only)

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    OTHER (rushing OR receiving)

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