South Africa’s Best YouTube Content Creators & Tips from YouTuber Caspar Lee

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  • Here are the most popular YouTube content creators in South Africa by number of subscribers.
  • YouTubers can join the YouTube Partner Program and monetize their channel through ads using their AdSense account.
  • Anglo-South African YouTuber and now entrepreneur Caspar Lee still collects royalties on his content, despite taking a hiatus from being YouTuber.
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YouTube turns 17e anniversary next month, America’s online video sharing and social media platform has evolved over the years. Last year in September, the platform launched YouTube Shorts, a way for content creators to make videos that are 15-30 seconds shorter, like their competition.

Over two billion viewers visit the Google entity per month. It is still known to be the destination for premium videos generating $ 19.3 billion in revenue.

A handful of influencers and content creators have emerged and found their fame using the platform, with Instagram only launching in 2010, YouTube offered a place to share videos five years earlier.

Skeptics are still wondering if you can monetize your content – there are several ways you can. One of the most popular ways is the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), which allows content creators to partner with the platform only as long as they meet the YPP policy and minimum requirements.

Creators must meet the following requirements to participate in the YouTube Partner Program:

  • Follow and meet all YouTube monetization policies
  • Live in a country or region where the YouTube Partner Program is available
  • Have no community policy violations active on your channel
  • Have more than 4000 hours of valid public viewing in the last 12 months
  • Have more than 1000 subscribers
  • Have an associated AdSense account

Monetize Your Channel Using GoogleAds And How It Works

If you’re wondering why some creators have asked you to watch their ads and not hit “Skip” on their video, it’s because creators are also paid through their AdSense account.

“Advertisers compete in auctions to buy ad space in front of certain genres of content or certain audiences across the world,” said Caspar Lee, famous YouTuber at Business Insider SA..

Despite having taken over on YouTube, Lee still collects royalties on his content.

According to Lee, the platform does not pay per feed. When a video is monetized, that means content creators get paid every time viewers watch ads. Through the YouTube Partner Program, YouTubers get paid based on how viewers engage with ads. A million views can earn a creator anywhere in the world between $ 1,000 and $ 10,000 according to Lee.

Manage a YouTube channel

The now entrepreneur says the key to his success on the platform is collaboration, many South African YouTubers often collaborate to gain exposure to a wider audience. Beauty and lifestyle influencers such as Lasizwe Dambuza and Mihlali Ndamase have appeared on Each Other’s Channels.

Lee describes his channel as taking people on a trip of a lifetime by moving and traveling the world. In the first two years, his subscriptions were only 1,000, which he describes as a slow chart sped up through collaborations, making him the second most popular South African YouTuber.

Being an editor or videographer is not a major requirement to be a successful content creator, says the British South African, “you can just be an interesting personality and create content now through platforms like TikTok; you don’t need the skills that were required before, ”he said.

The 27-year-old follows Daily Show host Trevor Noah by number of subscriptions, here is the list of popular South African Youtubers:

1. Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah is a name known in South Africa and now the world. The comedian rose to fame as a stand-up comedian in South Africa. After landing his new role as host of The Daily Show from Comedy Central, Noah took to YouTube. His YouTube channel which has

Trevor Noah filed a lawsuit against the Hospital for Special Surgery, located in New York, and Dr. Riley J. Williams II. Kevin Winter / Getty Images

most of his comedy tour clips have a total of 3.15 million subscribers with The Daily Show with the Trevor Noah channel having 9.51 million. This makes Noah the most popular South African YouTuber with a total of 12.66 million subscribers.

2. Caspar lee

Caspar Lee, YouTube

Caspar Lee at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. Instagram

Anglo-South African YouTuber Caspar Lee made his YouTube debut at the age of 16, posting “comedy” sketches and videos; later collaborating with some of the most influential YouTubers and starring celebrities and actors like Tom Holland, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Kevin Hart and more. Its main channel has 6.79 million subscribers and its second Morecaspar has 1.67 million. With YouTube in the backseat, the now entrepreneur works with some of the world’s biggest brands like P&G, Alibaba, and more. He opened two Proper Living student accommodation in Observatory and Woodstock, Cape Town in addition to being a co-founder of

3. Pierre Carvell

fitness, Peter Carvell

Peter Carvell (via YouTube)

Peter Carvell is a home personal trainer who uploads fitness and health videos that users can follow in the comfort of their own homes. What started out as a channel to help motivate Carvell through his own fitness journey by losing weight has grown into one of the nation’s top YouTube channels with 1.45 million subscribers.

4. Cobus Potgieter

Cobus Potgieter, YouTube

Cobus Potgieter. Youtube

Cobus Potgieter is a musician and posts drum covers on his YouTube channel which has 1 million subscribers. His channel offers covers of famous songs and his own music; it also shares drums dos and don’ts. Now living in the US, Potgieter was planning an online drum course in 2020. The drummer explains in a 10-minute video the investments he has made to improve his channel and the quality of his videos in 2020. The drummer has invested in a new Sony Alpha camera which can cost 27,000 rand; a motorized camera slider that costs around R1500 and up, LED lights which usually come in studio kits or lighting kits at R2400.

5. Dan Macé

Dan Mace, YouTube

Dan Macé. Instagram.

Dan Mace is not only a YouTuber but also the founder of JOE Films. He has over 10 years of experience producing music videos, short films and documentaries. The award-winning director’s YouTube channel, which has 772,000 subscribers, will soon take a long hiatus when Mac prepares to direct his feature debut. His channel includes paid promo videos, lifestyle, music mashups, and more. The YouTuber collaborated with Checkers in December 2021 to recreate the classic Christmas song, “Santa Claus” is coming to town “using delivery motorcycles and a few delivery instruments from Checker Sixty60, as reported. Business Insider SA.

6. Lasizwe Dambuza

Media personality Lasizwe Dambuza was spotted dancing in Sun City. Instagram

Lasizwe Dambuza first caught the attention of South Africans through his comedy videos which often went viral. With the help of Instagram, the TV personality wears many hats as a comedian, presenter, social media influencer and more. Dambuza enjoyed accelerated success: At the age of 23, the YouTuber with 738,000 subscribers was recognized by YouTube in January 2021 when he was named a member of the Black Voices Class of 2021, a feat that puts spotlight 20 popular and cohesive black content creators from Africa. The 2022 class has not yet been released by the platform. 2021 has turned out to be a successful year for the YouTuber who created his highly anticipated “Drink or Tell the Truth” series which aired a new episode every week. Dambuza’s ability to provide a satirical and nostalgic take on the daily life and struggles of South Africa, especially the youth, is what makes him such a popular figure.

7. Ofentse Mwase Films

Mwase Movies, YouTube

Nelisiwe and Ofentse Mwase. Instagram

Ofentse Mwase Films is a production company run by the couple Nelisiwe Mwase and Ofentse Mwase. Their company, known for producing music videos and films, is also known for its channel which has 720,000 subscribers. A destination for satire starring Nelisiwe Mwase as “Nelisiwe”, a young person and Bridget, Mwase who also swaps the roles of “mom” in their sketches interpreting a slice of life of what it’s like to be. ‘be a black child in South Africa. Often satirical, the videos also feature guests such as Fash Ngobese.

8. Daniel maritz

Daniel Maritz, YouTube

Daniel Maritz. Instagram

Daniel Maritz is an International YouTuber and Male Model. It has two YouTube channels, one being the DLM Christian Lifestyle channel aimed at an audience looking for religious ideas. The second channel is DLM Men’s Lifestyle which deals with style, fitness, grooming and life where he unboxes and shares his modeling tips and advice on an international scale. The model launched her DLM Lifestyle channel in 2018 which now has 635,000 subscribers.

9. Matt Dubber

Matt Dubber, YouTube

Matt Dubber. Instagram

Matt Dubber’s channel name, AirArmsHuntingSA, is a chase channel. Unlike most of your regular YouTube channels, Dubber reviews and posts tutorials on using hunting gear. The creator created his channel in 2014 and today has a total of 477,000 subscribers.

10. Macgyver Mukwevho

MacG says fans made the podcast what it is today.

Macgyver Mukwevho is a professional DJ and host of Podcast and Chill with MacG dubbed a “chilling” show. Sol Phenduka to talk about their career and their life. The channel with 470,000 subscribers is home to other podcasts and series making up what the creator calls his Podcast and Chill Network; the channel presents City Girls with Tebogo Thobejane and The Hangout with MacG.

Caspar Lee’s Business Insider SA takeaway for successful content creators

  • YouTubers and general content creators should collaborate with other content creators
  • Find the platform that best matches your goals
  • Content creators don’t need much except a smartphone; a platform and an idea
  • Be obsessed with what you do
  • It takes a lot to grow and maintain social follow-up
  • Content creators tend to be enterprising

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