Social media content creator fuses Hispanic culture and humor to make people laugh through impersonation videos – NBC Los Angeles

Comedian Leo Gonzalez was once an aspiring TV journalist and now has huge online success for his journalist impersonations and other characters he created.

For as long as he can remember, Gonzalez has found humor in almost everything, even on the TV news.

In fact, it was his impersonation of a journalist that earned the comedian his first viral video.

“I made a video, which was like mocking news. This stuff was successful, so I went from around ten subscribers to around 5,000 that night, ”he said.

It was four months after the start of the pandemic.

Today, Leo Gonzalez has over a million followers on TikTok and over 100,000 on Instagram, all because of his identity thefts.

His videos are so popular that they took him from Hanford to Hollywood.

“We’re in LA. I haven’t taken it yet,” he said.

Leo moved to LA this year after quitting his job working behind the scenes on TV news, among other things.

Now he works full time in front of the camera creating social media content.

“TikTok reached out to me, and they got me on their Latin designer program, and then I was kind of okay, pressured,” he said.

Leo’s has been creating content for years, including on roaming, something he and his mom experienced when he was growing up.

“I think it was a good way not to be so alone. At school, I didn’t have a lot of tools to make friends, but I had the tools to make groups of people laugh, ”he added.

These tools helped Leo get through the most difficult part of his life, when just a few years ago his mother suffered a series of strokes and then his best friend passed away.

“The trauma of losing my friend, it took a long time because he was the guy who accompanied me to see my mother in the hospital. So when you lose that, I didn’t even know my name”, a- he declared.

But now many people know Leo’s name, including his comedy idol George Lopez.

“He really opened up to help me. He wants to come to my first show. He’s actually supposed to come in today to help me with my monologue to make a little appearance, which is weird, ”Gonzalez said.

Leo is now hosting his own show on TikTok highlighting other talented Latinos and playing a real life version of the journalist presenter he likes to impersonate.

Leo is not only funny, but there is truth in his humor and humility.

Who is Léo Gonzalez? Actor? TikTok-er? Instagrammer? Influencer?

“I make videos that I hope are fun for some people,” he replied.

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