Server Problems, The Rising and Quiz

Another week, another roundup for the Eorzeans. Final Fantasy 14’s Endwalker expansion is only 84 days away – yes, I’m counting – but that doesn’t mean things aren’t as busy as they usually are. Looking ahead to version 6.0, Square Enix has focused on alleviating server congestion while keeping a constant flow of in-game events. Whether you are more interested in continuing the achievements of the MMO or following its achievements. Awesome community achievements, this week’s collection of stories has a bit of it all.

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Aether data center temporarily closes

If you were hoping to join friends in Final Fantasy 14’s most popular data center, Square Enix doesn’t have much good news. Aether is closed at this time for character creation, so you’ll need to start your journey elsewhere. Director and producer Naoki Yoshida delivered another apologetic but transparent blog to the community this week, detailing just how intense server congestion is for European and North American data centers. There is also no easy solution. Yoshida says the team is doing their best, but asks for patience as they seek solutions during the pandemic and equipment shortages.

The scions of the seventh dawn in FFXIV

Help from Eorzeans

Japanese data centers are also not to be forgotten. Square Enix has indicated that it has enough data on the European and North American situation, but it wants to do a little more for gamers on the Mana Data Center. This Friday, the team will be performing a stress test and they are asking the Warriors of Light across the realm to participate. If you have a spare moment and want to help Mana, Yoshida will host a live stream tomorrow detailing how to do it.

Honor the 8th year of The Rising

Once a year, the community of Final Fantasy 14 embarks on a quest chain that honors the lives lost in the game’s seventh Umbrella Calamity. It’s a bit of a bittersweet occasion, as the characters celebrate the deliverance of Eorzea from disaster with festivities, but mourn those who did not see the cataclysmic event end. The last festival actually starts today and you will get the Red Moon Parasol and Nymeia Potpourri for your participation.

Lawson FFXIV

Find your true calling

Japanese convenience store chain Lawson collaborates with Final Fantasy 14 and offers an adorable King Porxie frame. It’s not clear yet how those of you on European and North American servers can get it, but don’t worry too much, Square Enix often finds other ways to bring Japanese events to fans around the world. Until then, you can always check out this cute job quiz that fans everywhere have shared from the collaboration. Machine translation can be a bit rough, but you get the picture. It didn’t give me Scholar so I’m a little sick from it.

A little Yu-Gi-Oh with your Final Fantasy

The community of Final Fantasy 14 continues to impress, but this latest achievement combined the card game class with a true Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Disk controller. As spotted by Kotaku, Twitch streamer Super Louis 64 managed to rig the device with the hardware he built, using it to control his astrologer in Final Fantasy 14. The class is often considered the most difficult Eorzea healer to play, so props for him make it work.

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