Rovio Entertainment Oyj: Angry Birds harnesses its rage in new Kahoot quizzes!

Red and his friends know a thing or two about how to channel their anger and use it for good. It’s fitting that the Angry Birds share their anger management lessons as an extension of Rovio’s partnership with Kahoot! Starting today, a new anger management-themed learning game will debut weekly for the next seven weeks on Kahoot! Academy, the knowledge platform and online community for educators, professionals and learners.

That last batch of Kahoot! The games are created with the help of a psychology consultant to teach users how to control their emotions, react to situations and use their anger for positive change! Discover the Angry Birds Anger Management collection on Kahoot! here try it for yourself.

“After a successful collaboration to raise awareness about climate change, we are delighted to continue our incredible partnership with the Kahoot! said Stephen Porter, Brand Director at Rovio Entertainment. “ Dealing with anger in a constructive and helpful way has always been a central theme for Red and all of the Angry Birds, and this partnership will help us share these lessons in a fun way with the world! ”

“At Kahoot !, our goal is to empower everyone to reach their full learning potential, and we believe it is essential to start with your emotions and create a healthy mindset,” said Craig Narveson. , director of strategic partnerships at Kahoot !. “ We are excited to be working with Rovio Entertainment to help professionals and corporate teams around the world learn to overcome challenges, solve problems and build emotional resilience, all while having fun playing games. engaging learning games! ”

The ongoing partnership with Kahoot! reinforces Rovio’s commitment to education, building on a previous partnership with UNICEF Finland to support UNICEF’s global education work. Rovio and Kahoot! has also joined forces to educate students about the importance of climate change. To see previous learning games on the platform, visit the Kahoot! Angry Birds Page.


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