Romsey MP asks PM about gender equality: Covid

MP Caroline Nokes questioned Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the Liaison Committee held last week after she said at the G7 summit, held in Cornwall in June, that her intentions were to “rebuild in a more feminine way” , referring to the recovery plan for the pandemic.

At the committee meeting, Ms Nokes asked Mr Johnson to “point out a single policy that will help to do this”.

As reported in the Daily Times, Mr Johnson responded by saying: “I have a feeling you would find fault with anything and everything that we have done, with the utmost respect for you.”

Ms Nokes told the Romsey Advertiser: “Regarding the Liaison Committee, in June at the G7 summit the Prime Minister gave a speech in which he indicated that he wanted us to rebuild from the pandemic in a more “sexist and feminine” way. that’s what I asked him last week.

“What does that mean? What policies or initiatives are government ministers working on as he indicated?

“Unfortunately, the Prime Minister did not seem to have any examples of policies that could help us recover from the pandemic in a way that helps women. He pointed to the gender pay gap reports, which were actually introduced in 2017, long before the pandemic and are not really proof of anything helping the country to recover.

“As a member of the liaison committee and chairman of the select committee, it is my duty to hold ministers to account for their policies, including the Prime Minister, as Bernard Jenkin indicated immediately after this comment from the Prime Minister . ”

Gender equality was a discussion for the G7 summit as violence against women is reported to have skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic.

The government also says that women and girls are more likely to experience famine and will rely on humanitarian assistance to narrow the gender gap.

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