Quiz: Test Your General PlayStation Knowledge – Issue 11

What do you know about PlayStation and the gaming industry around it? If you’re picturing yourself as a walking PlayStation encyclopedia, why not put your brain to the test with our general PlayStation knowledge quiz?

This is number 11 in our general PlayStation knowledge quiz. You can try our previous quizzes by clicking on this link.

Below you will find 15 general knowledge questions with multiple choice answers. Some are relatively easy, and some are devilishly difficult.

We’ll be posting new PlayStation General Knowledge quizzes every two weekends, so keep checking back. In the meantime, good luck (you might need it)!

Test Your General PlayStation Knowledge – Issue 11

You scored points X out of 15.

  • 0-5: PlayStation Casual – Don’t give up, there’s always next time!
  • 6-10: PlayStation Enthusiast – Hey, not bad, you know your PlayStation!
  • 11-15: PlayStation Encyclopedia – Wow, you should get a job at Push Square!

So how did you do? Do you know PlayStation as well as you thought? Be sure to check back every two weeks for more general PlayStation knowledge quizzes.

If you fancy more Push Square quizzes right now, be sure to hit this link.

Oh, and don’t forget to share your results in the comments section below!

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