Quiz! Can you name all the Coupe de la Ligue semi-finalists since 2000?

Ten minutes on the clock, 92 clubs to guess.

Don’t forget to tweet your scores @FourFourTwo and send to friends!

NOW TRY Quiz! Can you name all the Premier League clubs?

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England are the only country with two cup competitions, as some managers have noted at the height of match congestion.

And while the League Cup isn’t everyone’s priority, it does at least offer a trip to Wembley. Who doesn’t want a trip to Wembley?

Over the years, the big teams have dominated this competition, as you would expect. But there are also a few lower league teams that have reached the League Cup semi-finals.

Since the semi-finals kicked off this week – well, one of them – can you tell us all who have made the last four of this century?


Quiz! How many of the 144 clubs that will take part in the Champions League group stage can you name?

Quiz! Can you name the stadium of each Premier League and Football League club?

Quiz! Can you name all the clubs from the very first English football league season?

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