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KOCHI: The Ernakulam District Crime Directorate investigating the car crash deaths of three people, including two female models, as they returned from an early morning party on November 1 on Friday, Shaiju asked. Thankachan, from Kakkanad, who followed the crash victims in an Audi car just before the fatal crash.

Police also halted the search for the hard drive containing CCTV footage of Hotel No.18 at Vembanad Lake.

Miss South India Ansi Kabeer, former Miss Kerala runner-up Anjana Shajan and Mohammad Ashiq, from Thrissur, were killed in the crash after the car they were traveling in hit a motorbike before crashing in a tree at Chakaraparambu near Vyttila. Abdul Rahman, from Mala, who was driving the car, escaped with injuries.

During the investigation, it was revealed that Shaiju driving an Audi car was chasing the Ford Figo car driven by Rahman and that the cars stopped at Kundanoor where Rahman and Shaiju were involved in discussions. After the accident, the hard drive containing the hotel’s CCTV footage was reportedly thrown into Vembanad Lake.

“We had asked Shaiju to appear for questioning. He showed up with his lawyers at the Kalamassery metro police station. Shaiju still maintains that he did not pursue the car driven by Rahman. He also had. attended the party in which the accident victims also attended.As Rahman was driving under the influence of alcohol, he advised her not to continue while they met in Kundanoor, mentioned.

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Shaiju was also asked why he returned after reaching Edappally, to whom he claimed he suspected the car Rahman driven could have crashed.

“He claimed he was looking for the car driven by Rahman. As the car was not seen even after reaching Edappally, he came back and checked if there had been an accident in the Vytilla area. found the Chakaraparambu car and called the police. He also informed Roy J Vayalat, the owner of Hotel No 18 where the party was being held, of the accident. He denied both the car chase and the race. automotive, ”said an official.

Earlier, Shaiju had approached the Kerala High Court to request early bail. During the hearing, the investigative team informed the court that Shaiju was not an accused in the case at this time. However, the investigation into his role in the accident is open.

“As Roy and five other hotel staff were successful in securing bail within one day of their arrest, such a decision will only be made after receiving concrete evidence from anyone,” he said. declared an officer.

Likewise, the police put an end to the search for a hard drive at Vembanad Lake on Friday. Although the search was conducted for four days with the help of the Indian Coast Guard, fire and rescue services and fishermen, the hard drive could not be found. Under these circumstances, Roy and his five staff members involved in the destruction of evidence will be questioned again.

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Investigators are suspicious of Roy’s statement that, on his advice, two of his employees threw the hard drive into the lake near the Kanamkattu Bridge.

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