Prasar Bharati to auction archival content on TV and OTT platforms to increase revenue

India’s public broadcasting agency Prasar Bharati has decided to auction its archives in hopes of monetizing the content through sale on TV and OTT platforms.

According to a notification issued by Prasar Bharati, premium content from the public broadcaster of Doordarshan (DD), All India Radio (AIR) and new units of Prasar Bharati will be available soon.

“Prasar Bharati has accumulated a very rich and heritage content in its centralized repository at the archives as well as a number of stations and Kendras located in all corners of the country. The news division of AIR and DD also has recordings. many milestones in India’s development, ”the notification read.

Further, the notification states that while TV channels and OTT platforms are constantly on the lookout for good salable content, the state broadcaster hopes to deliver its content through electronic auctions to third parties at both for linear broadcasting (television, radio) as well as for continuous broadcasting. viewing / listening request via Internet platforms.

“This has created a demand for Prasar Bharati’s program content in India and abroad for broadcast as well as streaming on digital platforms. There are good opportunities to monetize this content, which requires a policy of Appropriate and well-defined content syndication, ”says the notification.

The electronic auction will be conducted in four categories: global linear broadcast rights, global on-demand rights, linear broadcast rights in India and on-demand rights in India.

Prasar Bharati plans to create an online portal to manage the entire syndication lifecycle, from registration to licensing, payment and content sharing.

“The available content should be organized into compelling catalogs for catalog-level syndication purposes. The base price can be set separately depending on the market, exclusivity terms and license rights period,” says the notification.

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