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A new survey sheds light on how many companies will be bringing their employees back to the office for a traditional five-day work week.

The pandemic forced drastic changes in the way workers did their jobs, and now companies are shifting their plans to more hybrid systems for employees.

A new survey by the Bay Area Council found that more employers are considering abandoning the traditional concept of being in the office five days a week.

The board surveyed more than 200 companies over three months and found that a majority of offices planned to have employees in the office three days a week or less in the future. Here is some of the data from the survey:

  • 5% plan to require office workers one day a week
  • 22% plan to need two days
  • 40% plan to need three days
  • 13% plan to need four days
  • 19% return to the office five days a week

Companies surveyed said workers were in the office four or five days a week before the pandemic.

The change could have a significant impact on traffic. Congestion is already approaching pre-pandemic levels despite the fact that most people are still working remotely, according to a study by the San Francisco Chronicle.

But public transport did not experience the same level of ridership as before the pandemic. Most routes for the BART and other modes of public transport have returned, but only a portion of users have resumed using it.

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