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A new poll finds that Republican primary voters are largely satisfied with GOP politicians and policies in Tennessee.

The survey was conducted by ARW Strategies, which is led by Andrew Weissert, who previously led We Ask America, a pollster who received a B-less rating of FiveThirtyEight.com.

Tennessee Statewide Poll of Likely Republican Primary Voters

ARW Strategies, a national polling company, today released a statewide public opinion poll of likely Republican primary voters in Tennessee. The poll took the pulse of the opinions of Republican voters on party leaders, Gov. Lee’s professional performance and recent legislation the governor enacted.

While the Tennessee Republican Party remains dominated by former President Donald Trump, Republicans are also almost as enthusiastic about their governor, Bill Lee. From his handling of the pandemic to the recently enacted legislation, Lee’s support among his grassroots seems impenetrable heading into his re-election next year.

ARW Strategies was founded by Andrew Weissert, former chief pollster of We Ask America. His work has been featured and covered by national publications such as The New Yorker, Forbes, Politico, The Hill, National Review, Newsweek and many local news organizations. This survey was not commissioned or paid for by any candidate or committee. ARW Strategies conducted this survey from its own resources to find out the current state of opinion among GOP primary voters in Tennessee

Key points to remember
Donald Trump remains the face of the Republican Party. A whopping 90% of likely Republican primary voters have a favorable opinion of the former president, with nearly three-quarters (72%) having a very favorable opinion of him. Only 10% say they take a dim view of Trump. Additionally, of those polled, 75% see themselves as Trump / America First Republicans, while only a quarter see themselves as some other form of Republican – traditional, social conservative, tea party, libertarian.

Republican voters overwhelmingly love Governor Bill Lee and approve of the job he does. 85% of Republican primary voters have a favorable opinion of Lee, while 86% approve of the job he has done as governor. Only 14% disapprove of his performance at work and only 11% consider him unfavorably. 88% of self-identified Trump / America First Republicans approve of Lee’s performance on the job, with just 9% disapproving.

Governor Lee’s strong image and performance at work can be directly attributed to his record and recent legislation. Republicans strongly support Governor Lee’s recent actions, with 83% endorsing his handling of the pandemic. 86% are more likely to vote for re-election for the recent transgender athlete bill he enacted. 82% are more likely to vote for re-election for the law he signed allowing Tennesséens to carry firearms without a license, and 81% support his scholarship program.

Senators Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty are also enjoying exceptional footage with Republican voters. For Senator Blackburn, 79% of Republicans view her favorably, while 17% have an unfavorable opinion of her. 78% of Republicans have a favorable opinion of Senator Hagerty, with only 12% having an unfavorable opinion. Among those who call themselves Trump / America First Republicans, Senators Blackburn and Hagerty are even more popular where their images are 84% Fav / 12% Unfav and 82% Fav / 9% Unfav, respectively.

Republicans want to focus on crime, illegal immigration, and election integrity. The number one issue Republican primary voters want the party to focus on by 2022, at 28%, is stopping crime and supporting law enforcement. Second, chosen by 23% of voters, fights against illegal immigration and opposes sanctuary cities. Third, with 19%, the aim is to ensure the integrity of the elections and prevent electoral fraud.

This poll was conducted between June 26 and 27, 2021. A total of 600 interviews were conducted among likely voters in the 2022 Republican primary in Tennessee. 324 of these responses came from cell phones. The margin of error for this survey is +/- 4% at a 95% confidence interval.

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