Police quiz ‘Ghost In The Machine’

As Sting put it simply, the years 1981 Ghost in the machine was, for The Police, “a do-it-yourself album. We liked it there. Having proven themselves on their debut in 1978, they have proven themselves on White Regatta, and finally break into international stardom on Zenyatta Mondatta, Ghost in the machine marked a turning point.

For their fourth album in as many years, the band flew to AIR studios on the Caribbean island of Montserrat, where they worked with influential producer Hugh Padgham. Their new surroundings allowed them to step out of their comfort zone, experimenting with synthesizers and brass instruments to complement their gritty, guitar-focused style.

Unlike their last album, which was recorded in just four weeks under pressure from their record company, The Police had time to experiment, composing the sprawling and eclectic “Demolition Man”, the spooky hit “Spirits in. the Material World “and the psychedelic” Secret Voyage “. Driven by the romantic and enduring classic “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic”, Ghost in the machine went multi-platinum, making The Police one of the most iconic rock bands of the era.

And, while you play, listen Ghost in the machine here.

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