Nordstrom ransacked: 3 people arrested after dozens ransacked Nordstrom store near San Francisco, police say

About 80 suspects were involved in the crime at the department store in Broadway Plaza, an outdoor mall in Walnut Creek east of San Francisco, and they fled in at least 10 different vehicles, CNN told CNN. Lieutenant Ryan Hibbs of the Walnut Creek Police Department.

“A number of vehicles were leaving. We managed to stop one,” Hibbs said, adding that no injuries were reported.

Authorities are questioning those arrested to determine the identities of other suspects, Hibbs said.

The manager of a nearby restaurant told CNN affiliate KPIX that the looters were wearing masks and wearing what appeared to be crow’s feet.

“There were a lot of people,” said Brett Barrett. “The police were arriving by plane. It was like a scene from a movie. It was insane.… It was a scary scene for a while.”

Police have yet to estimate the dollar amount of the stolen items, Hibbs said.

The incident follows a series of similar looting on Friday night in Union Square and surrounding San Francisco, including at a Louis Vuitton store, Burberry store, jewelry store, Bloomingdale’s, Walgreens, cannabis dispensaries and even an eyewear store, police Chief Bill Scott told a press conference on Saturday.

San Francisco has struggled with an upsurge in crime this year when it reopened during the pandemic. In the Central District, for example, thefts and thefts increased by almost 88% from the previous year, and overall crime increased by almost 52%, according to police statistics.

Eight people were arrested after the Friday night break-ins, Scott said. As police go through video footage of the scenes, the chief said he expected more arrests.

It was a concerted effort, he said, and the perpetrators aimed to overwhelm the police.

“Their plan was hoping that we weren’t here, but we were. And some of them think they got away with it, but I’m convinced, I’m convinced there will be more arrests. to be continued, ”Scott said.

The eight people arrested were all “young adults,” he said.

Police also seized two vehicles and two guns, Scott said.

The city will “flood” the area with police in the future, the chief said.

“We will do what it takes to end this madness,” Scott said. What happened, he said, was “absolutely unacceptable in all its forms.”

San Francisco isn’t the only city struggling with group crime. On Wednesday afternoon, several people stormed a Louis Vuitton store in a shopping mall in Oak Brook, Ill., Taking approximately $ 120,000 in merchandise, CNN affiliate WLS reported.

In surveillance video provided by the Oak Brook Police Department, 14 suspects can be seen seizing items from shelves.

“Once they entered the store, they took the garbage bags out of their coats and started filling them with merchandise,” Oak Brook Police Chief James Kruger said, according to WLS.

The suspects used three vehicles to get away. Police recovered one of them, a Dodge Charger reported stolen last month in Chicago, WLS reported.

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