New Stranger Things content has arrived in Dead By Daylight On Switch

Multiplayer survival horror Dead by Daylight has added brand new content to its special chapter Stranger Things, inspired by the hit Netflix show.

Those who own the game and the Stranger Things DLC can now purchase two new outfits: a “Very Rare” costume for Nancy and a “Legendary” set for Steve that transforms his appearance to resemble Jonathan Byers. You can see both in the new trailer above, but here’s a description of each:

Jonathan Byers: a legendary first set for the Stranger Things chapter
As the first Legendary set available for a Stranger Things character, the new set transforms Steve Harrington, in appearance only, into Jonathan Byers, one of the show’s main protagonists. As Jonathan Byers, players will sport a sloppy, longer and messier hairstyle. They’ll wear a quick-setting jacket and chunky layers of wool paired with a pair of worn jeans that Byers has been wearing for years without thinking.

The Impulsive Activist: A Very Rare Outfit For Nancy Wheeler
Another cool option included in the Moment of Truth collection is a very rare mix-and-match outfit for Nancy Wheeler. Survivors who purchase the Impulsive Activist outfit can expect a curly, shorter, more mature hairstyle that flaunts the courage she shows to stand up for those she loves. It also includes a woolen jacket and sweater as well as a sturdy pair of wide jeans that allow him complete freedom of movement.

Nancy’s outfit costs 1,080 Auric Cells in the in-game store, while the Jonathan Byers Set for Steve costs 1,485 Auric Cells. If you haven’t purchased the Stranger Things DLC yet, you can get it right now from Nintendo eShop for £ 10.79 – it includes a new map, the Underground Complex, and players take on the roles of Nancy and Steve. , or the mortal Demogorgon.

Our full Dead by Daylight review can be found here. We weren’t completely convinced at launch, although we thought it could be a tense and absorbing affair with the right group of people.

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