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I sell 5 types of products: power points, test packages, worksheet packages, multiple choice questions and short answer questions. I sell products for 4 different courses: Grade 12 Chemistry, Grade 11 Chemistry, Grade 11 Physics, and Grade 10 Science.

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June 24, 2021

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This product contains 5 different quizzes on the naming of chemical compounds. It is suitable for a grade 11 chemistry course. Topics include naming binary ionic compounds, naming binary covalent compounds, naming multivalent metals, naming polyatomic compounds, naming hydrides, naming hydrates, naming bases, naming binary acids, and the designation of the oxyacids.

My name is Darrin Mathewson and I have a doctorate in organic chemistry. I have been teaching physics and chemistry for over 15 years.

I have over 140 Power Points for sale in my store, 40 worksheet packs, 100 test packs, 100 multiple choice packs, and 70 short answer packs. I have Power Points, Tests, Quizzes, Multiple Choice, Short Answer Questions, and Worksheets for each subject covered in Grade 10 Science, Grade 11 Chemistry, Grade 11 Physics, and Chemistry 12th grade!

To rate my work, check out my 7 FREE PRODUCTS, which include Power Points, Quizzes, and Tests! (organic chemistry test) (uniform motion and vector physics test) (compound name questionnaire) (stoichiometry quiz) (naming Power Point alkanes) (Power Point on stoichiometry of limiting reagents) (cell function and use of Power Point microscope)

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