Name Nigel Mansell’s nine Formula 1 teammates

We’re back with another F1 quiz for you lucky ones… and this time it’s about Nigel Mansell and his F1 teammates.

May 14 marks the anniversary of Nige’s last race in Formula 1, racing for McLaren at the 1995 Spanish Grand Prix which unfortunately ended prematurely for the man who earned the nickname ‘Il Leone’ during his days as a Ferrari driver.

Ferrari and McLaren were two of four manufacturers Mansell raced for throughout his illustrious career, the other two teams being Williams, of course, and Lotus.

You have a rather generous eight minutes on the clock to name the drivers who were on the other side of Mansell’s garages during his squad in those aforementioned four squads.

We’re expecting a lot of points for this quiz, but maybe some of you will stumble over the names of his teammates during his very brief returns in 1994 and 1995.

If you fancy another dose of F1 trivia, why not try naming the grid for the 2006 Spanish Grand Prix. Surprising names on that grid, that’s for sure!

And last but not least, we also have our daily Sportsword game for you to tackle.

It’s Planet Sport’s version of the famous word guessing game, and you have six attempts to come up with a different Formula 1-related word each day.

Back to the here and now… we wish the best of luck with this F1 quiz and please let us know how you did via the comments section below.

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