MP for York quizzes minister over beating of NHS staff

YORK Central MP Rachael Maskell has renewed her opposition to the Covid forced beatings for NHS staff.

His comments in parliament last week followed Tory MP Dr Andrew Murrison asking ministers if policy would change following evidence that vaccines are less effective after 10 to 12 weeks and tests can quickly tell if staff is infected or not.

Ms Maskell then said that this changing reality presented a challenge for the government.

“Rather than forcing NHS staff to receive their first vaccine by February 3, which will pose a huge risk to the NHS – the government’s own assessment is that between 64,000 and 115,000 NHS and health staff will be fired – will the government come back and look into the issue and ask the JCVI what is the best strategy to handle the pandemic from now on?”

Vaccines Minister Maggie Throup replied: “We have our plans in place. We have our vaccination programme, our tests and our antivirals. Part of the aim of the vaccination program is to ensure that some of the most vulnerable of our society are protected. As I said earlier, having the vaccine as a condition of employment is about patient safety and making sure that people who are in hospital or nursing homes are protected against this deadly virus.”

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