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A solid majority of Washingtonians approve of President Joe Biden’s professional performance after more than a hundred days on the job, a new survey for the Northwest Progressive Institute has revealed.

54% of respondents told the NPI pollster that they approved of Biden’s professional performance, while 41% disapproved of it. 5% said they were not sure.

Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris easily carried Washington state to the 2020 presidential election, with nearly 58% supporting the Democrat ticket. This continued a long trend of supporting Democratic candidates from Washington voters. The state has not backed a Republican since Reagan in 1984.

Biden and Harris took office amid incredibly difficult circumstances.

The new administration inherited a country criticized by the worst public health disaster in a century, a struggling economy, a federal government hollowed out by Trump’s sabotage and corruption, a very poor cybersecurity posture from the private and public sectors , a horrific epidemic of gun violence, a calculation on systemic racism and police brutality, and a global climate crisis that hurts everyone, but especially black, indigenous and brown communities.

While he did not enjoy the outgoing regime’s cooperation in his presidential transition, and although he only has bare Democratic majorities in Congress to work with, Biden has already done a lot in collaboration with Harris and the rest of his team. This includes hundreds of millions of vaccine doses administered and the adoption of the US bailout.

Washingtonians can be quite critical when judging the professional performance of their elected officials, so it’s a credit to Biden that he got favorable ratings from the majority of our state’s voters after four months in office.

Notably, Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump never received a single grade of favorable approval from residents of Evergreen state during his tenure.

Let’s look at Biden’s professional performance by region.

First up, here are the statewide numbers again:

QUESTION: Do you approve or disapprove of President Joe Biden’s job performance?


  • Approve: 54%
  • Disapprove: 41%
  • Not sure: 5%

Now here are the numbers by region:

QUESTION: Do you approve or disapprove of President Joe Biden’s job performance?


  • King County
    • Approve: 70%
    • Disapprove: 23%
    • Not sure: 7%
  • North Puget Sound
    • Approve: 54%
    • Disapprove: 42%
    • Not sure: 4%
  • South Sound
    • Approve: 40%
    • Disapprove: 55%
    • Not sure: 5%
  • Olympic Peninsula and Southwest Washington
    • Approve: 55%
    • Disapprove: 40%
    • Not sure: 5%
  • Eastern and Central Washington
    • Approve: 41%
    • Disapprove: 57%
    • Not sure: 3%

Biden’s best region is King County, which isn’t surprising, and its worst region is eastern and central Washington… no wonder either.

The most interesting figures come from the other three regions.

Let’s start with the good news for Biden: His professional performances are viewed favorably by voters in Southwest Washington and the Olympic Peninsula area.

Biden won the Northern Peninsula (Clallam and Jefferson Counties) last year. However, Biden lost the southern peninsula (Pacific, Mason, Grays Harbor, Wahkiakum, Lewis and Cowlitz counties) to Donald Trump.

Democrats have also been swept away by legislation in this region as the 19th Legislative District turned completely red for the first time in its current incarnation. It’s a really encouraging sign to Democrats that voters in that region believe Biden is doing a good job overall as president.

The flip side of the register is the South Sound.

55% of voters disapprove of Biden’s professional performance, while only 40% approve. As we can see, the numbers for South Sound – a region Biden won in 2020 – are the exact opposite of North Sound, the other large region dominated by suburbs in our geographic distribution. Biden’s approval number in South Sound is even a check mark lower than in eastern and central Washington.

If South Sound’s numbers mirrored North Sound’s numbers, Biden’s statewide professional performance approval would be closer to 60% and would be the percentage of the vote he received in the presidential election of Last year.

Our survey of 992 probable Washington state voters for 2022 was in the field from Tuesday, May 25 through Wednesday, May 26, 2021.

It uses a mixed methodology, with automated telephone calls to landlines (50%) and SMS responses only from cell phones (50%).

The survey was conducted by Public Policy Polling for the Northwest Progressive Institute and has a margin of error of +/- 3.1% at the 95% confidence interval.

Nationwide polls show that most Americans approve of Joe Biden’s professional performance, as do most Washingtonians. The FiveThirtyEight and RCP trackers have Biden at 54.2% nationwide – the same as in our state-level poll.

Tomorrow, May 28, we will share our findings on the 2022 US Senate race in Washington. Join us here on the Cascadia Advocate for a quick look at the state-wide flagship run in next year’s midterm election.

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