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1. Which member of the White Sox scored the most goals last season?

a. José Abreu vs. Yasmani Grandal

b. Yoan Moncada D. Andrew Vaughn

2. The first strike in Major League Baseball dates back to 1972. It lasted from April 1 to April 13. Each of the following players was born in 1972. Which one was born during the strike?

a. Manny Ramirez vs. Jones chipper

b. Tony clark D. Jason varitek

3. Which Cubs pitcher threw the most hitting the team during the 2021 season?

a. Zach Davies vs. Alec mills

b. Adbert alzolay D. Kyle hendricks

4. In 1980, a Major League Baseball strike lasted April 1-8, but a full season was played. Which pitchers won the Cy Young Award for their respective league?

a. Steve carlton vs. Steve howe

b. steve pierre D. Steve trachsel

5. The 1981 baseball strike resulted in a strange shoulder season in which the two teams with the best overall National League records did not make the playoffs. Who were these two teams?

a. cubs vs. red

b. Cardinals D. pirates

6. LaMarr Hoyt passed away on November 29th. In 1983, he scored 24 victories for American League Western Champion the White Sox and won the Cy Young Award. That season, he was one of two winners of more than 20 games for the South Siders. Who was the other?

a. Richard dotson vs. Tom seaver

b. Floyd Bannister D. Britt burns

7. Suppose for a moment that universal DH is part of baseball next season. That would mean the last Cubs pitcher to get a hit was …

a. Adrien sampson vs. Cory abbott

b. Alec mills D. Justin steele


1. 460 times in 2021, Yoan Moncada heard the referee say “Steeerike!”

2. Former Red Sox wide receiver Jason Varitek was born on April 11.

3. Kyle Hendricks threw 1,889 shots.

4. Steve Carlton won the Cy Young Award with the world champion Phillies. Steve Stone won the American League award with the Orioles.

5. The Reds were 66-42 overall, the best record in National League West. The Cardinals finished 59-43-1, the best record in the NL East. Neither team made it to the playoffs.

6. Richard Dotson won 22 games that season for the Sox and was fourth in the Cy Young vote.

seven. Justin Steele scored on September 30, but Cory Abbott’s third inning single on October 1 earned him the top honors.

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