Marvel’s new Captain America comic criticized for political content

Actor Dean Cain has accused Marvel’s new Captain America series The United States of America for its political commentary on the American Dream.

by marvel Captain America has often been a lightning rod for controversy, and it is still true today. The comics have always been political, and this is especially the case with Captain America. The Star-Spangled Avenger hit Adolf Hitler on a comic book cover, had an entire arc in reaction to the Watergate scandal, and plunged into modern culture wars on several occasions – including Nick Spencer Captain America run, which saw Sam Wilson disguise himself as Captain America, a plot now copied into the MCU.

Marvel’s new miniseries, Captain America’s United States, looks like a concerted response to the culture war. The story is essentially an exploration of what Captain America means to people, revealing countless different people who have reinvented themselves as Captain America in honor of all that Steve Rogers stands for. The first issue opens with the original Captain America reflecting on the American Dream, concluding that there are two American dreams and one American lie. The First American Dream is isolationist, America’s white fence ideal that makes people angry when it becomes inaccessible. This American dream easily becomes the American lie, the fence becoming a door that is slammed in the face of others. In Rogers’ opinion, Captain America represents a second American dream – a true dream, something that is shared with others, that inspires its adherents to reach out in hope.

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These comments were not well received by right-wing commentators. The Washington Times published an article on this issue, titled “Marvel Celebrates July 4th Weekend By Having Captain America Say The American Dream “Isn’t Real”“It prompted former Superman actor Dean Cain to speak out.”The cool and fashionable thing to do is denigrate America and hate America,“Cain explained.”I love the concept of Captain America, but I’m so tired of this awakening and anti-Americanism. In my opinion, America is the greatest country in history. It’s not perfect. We are constantly striving for a more perfect union, but I think it is the fairest and most equitable country we have ever seen, and that is why people are clamoring to come here from all over the world.“He later admitted the Twitter he hadn’t read the problem he was talking about but stuck to every word.

Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain Lois & Clark

Cain is a frequent critic of what he sees as anti-American politics in the comics in particular, and in 2020 he embarked on yet another controversy over whether the classic version of Superman would work in modern comics. “I promise you, as Superman, that I would not be allowed today to speak the truth, justice and the American Way,he insisted, eliciting a dismissive reaction from comic book writer Tom King, who was able to demonstrate that he put this line on a panel not too long ago. Superman and Lois the series has indeed used the phrase more recently, albeit in a funny scene in which Lois used the phrase “American style“during an interview to try to find out if Superman was American.

Cain isn’t the only one voicing his take on Captain America. Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton suggested “Captain America should be demoted to lieutenant“in another interview on Fox, and former Hercules: the legendary voyages star Kevin Sorbo backed Cain on this “new political Captain America.“The main counter-argument seems to be that, if America were that bad, people still wouldn’t try to flow into the country, which doesn’t seem to relate particularly to the argument put forward in the comic strip she said. -same. Given Captain america In order to stir up controversy, it is fitting that the character’s reflections on the American Dream highlight such deep cultural divisions.

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