Majority of Trump voters believe ‘time to divide country’ in half, new poll finds

Poll respondents who voted for former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden are worried about the effects of opposing party policies, according to a UVA poll. Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images, Drew Angerer / Getty Images

  • A new poll has found that 52% of Trump voters want the Red States to secede.

  • Eighty percent or more of Biden and Trump voters fear the effects of the other party’s policies, according to the poll.

  • The UVA survey shows the extreme divisions between the two main American political parties.

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A majority of people who voted for former President Donald Trump are in favor of breaking up the country, according to a new poll from the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia.

UVA polled 2,012 voters – half of whom voted for Trump, the other half for President Joe Biden – in late July to better understand the growing split between the Democratic and Republican parties.

The results show a country at ideological war with itself: more than half of Trump’s voters polled – around 52% – said “the situation is such that I would favor [Blue/Red] States seceding from the union to form their own separate country. About 41% of respondents voting Biden responded similarly.

Some Republicans have launched proposals to separate from the union, including former Texas GOP President Allen West. After the Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit by the Texas attorney general to overturn the 2020 presidential election results, West said that “maybe the law-abiding states should unite and to form a Union of States which will respect the constitution ”.

The survey shows that Republicans and Democrats are highly suspicious of each other, with 80% or more of respondents from each party saying the opposing side presents “a clear and present danger to American democracy.” In addition, 80% or more of survey respondents said they feared that they or a loved one would experience “personal loss or suffering as a result of the effects” of the opposing party’s policies.

An overwhelming number of Trump voters in the poll – around 83% – said society must stop the many “radical” and “immoral people trying to ruin things” in the country, further noting that the United States United needs a “powerful leader to destroy radical and immoral currents” prevalent in society.

Biden voters were less sympathetic to the same sentiments. For example, 62% of Biden voters at least somewhat agreed that the country needs a “powerful leader in order to destroy radical and immoral currents” in the country, compared to 82% of Republicans who said the same. .

“The rift between Trump and Biden voters is deep, wide and dangerous,” wrote Larry Sabato, director of the AVU’s Center for Politics. “The reach is unprecedented, and it will not be easily fixed.”

Even though they cannot agree on the policy or direction of the country, around 80% of voters on either side said they preferred democracy to any other style of government.

Although this was not taken into account in the survey, the two sides also seem to agree on major priorities such as modernizing and improving infrastructure, as evidenced by a bipartite infrastructure bill. which was passed by the Senate in August with 19 GOP votes.

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