Lord Ashcroft’s daughter-in-law Jasmine Hartin accused of shooting Belize policeman

The daughter-in-law of British political and business titan Lord Michael Ashcroft was charged Monday with negligent manslaughter in the shooting death of a senior police official in Belize.

The arraignment of Jasmine Hartin, 38, comes three days after her initial detention – after she was found spattered with blood on a dock where she and Superintendent Henry Jemmott had been alone after curfew. the police said.

Jemmott, 42, was found dead in the water with a gunshot wound behind his ear. Police said the weapon used was his service pistol.

According to local reports, Hartin suggested to officers who responded that Jemmott could have been shot by a passing boat, then stopped cooperating with investigators while one of the country’s top lawyers was held down for her.

After her arraignment on Monday evening, the bail was refused by the magistrate, although she could ask a higher court to release her, according to the news channel of Belize TV Channel 7.

Belize Police Commissioner Chester Williams told reporters Hartin provided a statement, but declined to provide details about his account.

“We can’t say that we clearly understand what happened because we weren’t there,” he said.

“The only two people who could have said that are the deceased and Mrs. Hartin. The deceased is dead. He cannot speak for himself. The dead man has no history. Ms. Hartin gave her version of what she said was happening.

Hartin, a Canadian who lives in Belize, is the wife of Andrew Ashcroft, the youngest son of Lord Ashcroft. The elder Ashcroft is a billionaire known as a major donor to the British Conservative Party who also has huge business interests in Belize and recently donated a fully equipped gym to the Police Department.

Hartin, who would have two children with the younger Ashcroft, was the Lifestyle and Experience Director at Alaia Belize, a luxury resort developed by her husband.

Jemmott had five children and was engaged. His family demanded answers about what happened on the pier and dismissed any suggestion he may have committed suicide.

“My brother loved life, he loved life. He was passionate about his work. He did his job with integrity and that’s how he loved his family too, ”his sister, Marie Jemmott Tzul told reporters.

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