‘Lemon Pepper’ Lou Williams already delivers much more than Rondo

It has been a week since the Hawks traded Rajon Rondo to the Clippers in exchange for Lou Williams in an effort to add more firepower to the Second Unit, and it only took two appearances for him to trump anything Rondo has accomplished in his brief career with the Hawks.

Ahead of this season, Williams won several sixth man of the year awards for his ability to get a bucket anytime coming off the bench – averaging 18.2, 20.0 and 22.6 points per game in the over the past three seasons, respectively. He’s only played two games with the Hawks since his return, but in a game where the Atlanta roster was exhausted, he shone.

Lou Will had 19 points, four rebounds, eight assists, one block and one steal off the bench against the Pelicans last night. Although sometimes goal scorers need to crank up their volume to get into a rhythm, Williams was effective, shooting 53% from the field, 100% from behind the arc and 67% from the line to end the game with a plus- less than +19.

Rondo has yet to play for the Clippers, but he was giving Atlanta next to nothing on the bench. He only played 14.9 minutes per game for the Hawks, averaging career low points (3.9 points), assists (3.5) and rebounds (2.0).

When Young Traé is no longer on the pitch, Rondo simply wasn’t able to provide the offensive spark the second unit needed to score points reliably like Williams, who can carry the goal load unlike any other. what a league bench player. Nate mcmillan knows exactly what the veteran is capable of, “Lou is Lou”, says McMillan on Williams’ play last night. “We know what he’s capable of. And he slowly gets into rhythm. We offer sets and parts for him and the second unit. And he does a good job initiating part of the attack. But also play with the ball or play the point and run sets for us. He’s done a really good job these two games he’s played.

The Hawks seem to be the ones who have come out on top in this profession, at least right now. Lou is a walking bucket, but playoff-Rondo is a real thing. Atlanta will miss its leadership; however, the narrative that Williams is ineffective in the playoffs is grotesquely misinterpreted.

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