Lady Gaga-themed Oreos have fallen and the hunt is on

Lady Gaga-inspired ‘Chromatica’ Oreo cookies were dropped today along with a virtual treasure hunt for an autographed pack.

According to Billboard, fans can “enter for a chance to win a Specialty Pack signed by Mother Monster herself, and the rules are simple.”

The cookies are pink in color and filled with green cream.

Clues began appearing on Oreo’s Twitter account at 10 a.m. today. The hiding places are all inspired by his album “Chromatica”.

If you just want a pack of limited edition cookies, they are sold everywhere you usually buy them.

Oreo said there were six clues to the hiding places “on the Twitterverse. You have 24 hours to find them. “

“Once you’ve found the hiding place, respond with @OREO #ChromaticaCookieHunt #drawings for 1 entry. Get up to 6 entries if you solve each clue. “

The first clue was Lady Gaga herself.

“Forget the postage stamps. In Chromatica’s world, this mom gets her own OREO cookie to rule with kindness.

The second clue fell about an hour ago – “Soaking wet? Maybe it’s because you didn’t start your morning with a weather report from this meteorologist who is one of the smart cookies. “

You can see all the rules for the contest which ends at 10 a.m. tomorrow here.


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