Italian President Mattarella rejects Prime Minister Draghi’s resignation

Despite the 5-star boycott, Draghi’s measures passed by 172 votes to 39. However, this left the government at real risk of collapse and could lead to a snap election.

“I want to announce that tonight I will present my resignation to the President of the Republic,” Draghi said in a statement.

“Today’s votes in Parliament are very significant from a political point of view. The national unity majority that has supported this government since its creation is no longer there,” he added.

But Italian President Sergio Mattarella rejected Draghi’s resignation, the Italian presidency said in a statement. Mattarella instead asked Draghi to address parliament to assess the political situation.

“The President of the Republic did not accept the resignation and invited the Prime Minister to appear before Parliament to make communications, so that an assessment of the situation that has arisen following the results of the session held today in the Senate of the Republic could be conducted in its appropriate precinct,” the statement said.

Draghi was appointed Prime Minister of Italy in 2021 to help the country recover from the Covid-19 crisis. He was seen as a safe pair of hands who would be able to use the European Union’s Covid recovery funds responsibly. Draghi previously served as president of the European Central Bank from 2011 to 2019. Upon taking office, he appointed a cabinet made up of people from a wide range of Italian political parties.

Draghi previously said he would not lead a government that did not include 5 Stars, Italy’s largest party. The populist 5-Star Movement opposed Draghi’s cost-of-living package on the grounds that it did not go far enough, even though it had long threatened to withdraw support.

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