How well do you know County Armagh? – Armagh I

This is week 4 of our great County Armagh quiz.

The participants continue to increase, as do those who achieve the maximum score – we may have to bring you back to earth one of these weeks.

Congratulations to Ben Jennett and Keith Cunningham both of which received 10/10. They were two out of three to have obtained the maximum points. 11 others managed to get 9/10.

If you missed last week’s one, you can try it here.

Here is this week’s quiz. Last week’s responses are below.

Last week’s responses were: 1. 2000; 2.Prince Charles; 3. St. Patrick’s Cathedral COI; 4. 2,000,000; 5. Hillsborough Castle; 6. miles; 7. Bomb threat; 8. He was the last person to be executed at Armagh Gaol; 9. Ballysaggart Lake; 10. Portadown and Newry

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