Hotly contested races set to lead Corinth voters to the polls on Tuesday

August 1 – CORINTH – Anyone who goes to vote in Corinth’s municipal elections on Tuesday will have the opportunity to vote in at least one contested race.

Only one of the eight municipal elections is unopposed. Incumbent Chip Wood is the sole candidate for the seat of alderman for Ward 3.

With so many contested races on the ballot, Corinth City Clerk Brandy Smith expects a lot of people to turn out to vote.

On the ballot


—Ralph Dance (R)

—Tommy Irwin (R)(i)

chief of police

—Ben Gann (R)

—Landon Tucker (R)

Alderman in general

—David A. Curry (R)

—Mike Hopkins (R)(i)

Alderman’s Ward 1

-Johnny Butler Jr. (R)

—Chris Wilson (R)(i)

Alderman’s Ward 2

— Ben Albarracin (R)(i)

—Mark Combes (R)

—Danny Lynn Smith (R)

Alderman’s Ward 3

— AL “Chips” Wood (R)(i)

Alderman’s Ward 4

—JC “Honeyboy” Hill (D)(i)

—Steve D. Hill (D)

—Jerry Porter (D)

Alderman’s Ward 5

—Joshua Bryant (R)

— Angela Dobbins (right)

—David G. Roberts (R)

—Jennifer Brown Timbes (right)

“We expect a strong turnout,” Smith said. “We haven’t had a real election with so many opposing races since 2010. For 12 years there has been a lot of interest in this election. We’ve had over 400 people who voted absentee.”

The three citywide races – mayor, police chief and councilor-at-large – each have two candidates and will be resolved on Tuesday evening. But three aldermen races could take another three weeks to pick a winner. Wards 2 and 4 each have three candidates and four people are vying for the open position in Ward 5.

“From the way people talk, I think it’s going to be close racing,” Smith said. “I’m pretty sure we’ll have a second round, especially in Ward 5.”

If no candidate wins a simple majority of votes in the primary on Tuesday, a runoff will take place in three weeks, on August 23.

Most of the 19 politicians vying for the eight spots are Republicans. Most voters will have the option to select not only their councilor, but also the member-at-large, police chief and mayor.

This is not the case in Ward 4, where all three alderman candidates are running as Democrats. Since voters must declare whether they vote Democrat or Republican, citizens of this ward will have to decide whether they want to vote only for the alderman of their ward or whether they want to vote for the mayor and the chief of the city as well. police.

The mayoral race pits three-term incumbent Tommy Irwin against two-term police chief Ralph Dance. Irwin has been mayor since 2010 and is breaking his record. Dance has worked for the city for 27 years, the last eight as chief. He feels it’s time for change.

Two veteran officers, Ben Gann and Landon Tucker, are running for police chief.

Most of the Election Day activities will take place inside the large bay of the Corinthian Fire Department. Polling stations will open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. Once the polling stations are closed, the results will also be compiled there. The resolution board will begin at noon working on mail-in ballots to see which they can accept and which they will have to reject. The resolution council will meet in the former police offices. Their deliberations are public.

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