Hate chat at clubhouse: Delhi police interview six people, including 2 underage women

Six people who took part in the Clubhouse conversation where lewd and derogatory remarks were made against Muslim women have been identified, Delhi police said, adding that the six people have joined the ongoing investigation into the case.

“All six were required to participate in the investigation either at their place of residence or at the office,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (IFSO), KPS Malhotra, told IANS.

Mumbai Police Cyber ​​Cell also arrested three Haryana men in the same case after a complaint was filed in Mumbai by a woman.

On January 17, a video of a conversation at the Clubhouse about “Muslim girls are more beautiful than Hindu girls” went viral on social media.

In the said conversation, participants were heard making obscene, vulgar and derogatory remarks aimed at Muslim women and girls.

Coming suo-motu to the matter on January 18, the Delhi Women’s Commission issued a notice to the Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell demanding the immediate registration of an FIR and punitive measures against the persons presumed.

An FIR was then registered under Sections 153A (promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc. and doing acts detrimental to the maintenance harmony), 295A (deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage the religious feelings of any class by insulting their religion or religious beliefs) and 354A (assault or criminal violence against a woman with intent to offend his modesty) of the Indian Penal Code at the police station of the special cell.

Sharing more details about the six suspects, DCP Malhotra informed that out of the six people interviewed, two are women and one is an underage boy.

The first user was identified as Anchal Anand (username-koko0107), a resident of Kerala. She admitted to using the name Anchal on Club House. She had participated in a conversation with a Roma. During the chat discussion, other members had made derogatory and vulgar comments towards women, but Anchal Anand had only made general remarks. His cell phone and notepad were seized.

The second user has been identified as Naumaan Jabber (username – versace_on_me), a resident of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. He had created an account on the clubhouse in July 2021 in the name of @mr_casanova. He has been using this account continuously since then and created another account on the clubhouse about two months ago in the name of @vercase_on_me (name Toosexytoohandle) as a backup account.

On January 6, at the request of one of his clubhouse friends Akash Suyal, Jabber shared his second account with him. Akash had his account on the Clubhouse in the name of ‘ryuga’. Later, Akash changed the name of this account to ‘2ez4Akash xd’ and changed it again to ‘Kira xd’.

On January 18, after this incident, Akash informed Naumaan about the police action and the use of the club’s account. Meanwhile, Nauman’s cell phone has been seized for forensic examination.

The third user has been identified as Harsh Pal, a resident of Dehradun in Uttarakhand. He created the Clubhouse account ‘?? hrsh’ in June 2021 and it was deactivated on January 19, after said January 18 incident.

He said he participated in the alleged Clubhouse room for about 10 minutes but said nothing. His first name ‘??’ was reflected in the alleged room and he was only a listener.

Harsh Pal further informed that ‘Harsh’, whose name is mentioned or heard in the conversation (video) was another Harsh. Police seized his cell phone and a laptop for forensic examination.

IANS earlier reported the fourth user identified as Rahul Kapoor, a resident of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. During interrogation, he revealed that on the instructions of a certain Sallos, he had created the Clubhouse audio chat room and handed over the moderator key to Sallos.

Sallos joined other members and started talking dirty then he left the group. Rahul revealed Kira x’s real name as Akash.

The fifth user was a minor who studies in class 12. During the interrogation in front of his parents, the 17-year-old boy admitted to being the moderator of the group.

He originally created the clubhouse account as Sellos and later changed the account name to Alcoholic Singh. His mobile phone was seized for forensic examination, police said.

The sixth user was also a woman identified as Roma Makkar, a resident of Nizammudin. Police said they joined the investigation and recognized his voice.

The DCP further informed that none of the six persons identified has been arrested in this case.

“Before making any arrests, the authenticity of the video recording must be verified. We must rule out any voice modulation in the video, as it may affect the trial of the case,” Malhotra said.

According to the official, the only evidence in the present case is the first source, who had the audio conversation recorded on video.

“This is the only evidence of vulgar remarks, as the app does not record audio conversations in chat rooms,” he added.

Before making any arrests in the case and moving any further, the DCP said the authenticity of the video and the voice matching of the alleged individuals must be verified.

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