Habitual drunk driver facing 6th DWI charge had blood alcohol level nearly 4 times over legal limit, records show

KENDALL COUNTY, TX – A San Antonio-area woman charged with impaired driving six times in four counties has so far avoided a lengthy jail sentence, despite additional charges last fall while on felony probation of CFA.

Karon Shouse, 57, faces felony charges of DWI-3rd or higher and evading arrest with a motor vehicle in Kendall County, after investigators from September 2021 said she drove the wrong way down a street, nearly hit a man with her vehicle, then refused to stop for a Fair Oaks Ranch police officer who attempted to arrest her.

The latest example follows Shouse who pleaded guilty to a DWI felony in September 2019 in Comal County. Then prosecutors filed a motion to revoke her probation, but Shouse was instead sent to a state treatment facility, according to community supervision records.

A source familiar with Shouse’s legal troubles called the Comal County court ruling surprising, as Shouse has felony charges pending and his stay at a Texas Department of Criminal Justice treatment center cannot last more than 120 days.

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Shouse is also charged with ramming another vehicle during the 2021 Kendall County incident, according to a seizure order filed in October to take possession of Shouse’s vehicle.

Separate breath samples provided by Shouse came back with blood alcohol levels (BACs) of 0.315 and 0.308, nearly four times the legal limit for driving in Texas, according to Kendall County records.

Shouse, who was required to have an ignition interlock installed on any vehicle she drove as part of the 2019 DWI plea deal in Comal County, was driving a vehicle without one the night of her arrest in Kendall County.

The DWI story began in Bexar County

For Shouse, her arrest in Kendall County was the sixth time she has been charged with DWI since 2006, according to records compiled by the KSAT 12 Defenders from four area counties.

Shouse racked up three DWI charges over a five-month period in Bexar County, misdemeanor court records obtained by the Defenders show.

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Shouse was first charged with DWI in Bexar County in February 2006, while under investigation for a separate drunk driving incident in November 2004, according to court records.

Shouse was ultimately charged in the original 2004 case, in April 2006, 17 months after San Antonio police said his vehicle hit a guardrail while driving along the 1604 North Loop, charging documents show.

Shouse, who failed a standard field sobriety test and provided a breath sample with a blood alcohol level above 0.08, suffered a cut to the head in the crash.

Magistrates refused to accept her for booking after her arrest and instead sent her to a hospital for treatment, leading to a misdemeanor complaint being filed against her more than a year later, according to archives.

Shouse was later charged with open container while impaired and driving with an invalid license in July 2006, after officers said a cup of wine was found in her possession while she was driving drunk, according to court records.

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Shouse was found guilty in April 2007 in a plea bargain that asked that the February 2006 charge be dismissed and that she plead uncontested in the July 2006 case, records show.

Months before the plea deal was signed, however, in January 2007, Shouse was found to have violated the terms of his temporary release, after an ignition interlock determined that Shouse had alcohol on his breath. while his vehicle was in motion.

Shouse was eventually sentenced to 14 months probation and ordered to pay fines and court costs, records show.

Problem elsewhere

Two years later, in June 2009, Shouse was convicted of a felony DWI in Hays County.

Shouse pleaded guilty in January 2010 and was sentenced to 90 days in prison under a work release program, according to court records.

The schedule, which called for Shouse to be released from prison on weekday mornings and return in the evening, was later shortened to 66 days from the original 90, records show.

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In August 2018 Shouse was again arrested for felony DWI, this time in Comal County.

In exchange for pleading guilty to September 2019, a 10-year prison sentence was overturned and Shouse was sentenced to 10 years probation, sentenced to 960 hours of community service and to serve 10 days in the county jail, according to a copy of the agreement advocacy.

After Shouse’s last arrest in Kendall County, she was remanded to the Comal County Jail on Nov. 23, Comal County officials said.

Shouse was moved from the Comal County Jail to the East Texas Processing Center on January 5, according to court records.

Officials have not said what awaits Shouse after he is discharged from the TDCJ treatment facility, which will be in early May at the latest.

Shouse’s only requirement after his release is to report to the Comal County Community and Correctional Supervision Department, according to court records.

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Comal County District Attorney Jennifer Tharp did not respond to a phone call seeking comment on the story. A woman who identified herself as the head of the prosecutor’s office said by phone this month: “We don’t discuss cases with anyone other than defense attorneys.”

Shouse’s criminal defense attorney did not respond to multiple phone calls seeking comment on this story.

James Preston green

Shouse’s legal journey bears some similarities to James Preston Green, who initially avoided jail time despite four DWI convictions.

The lenient treatment of Green, the son of a prominent San Antonio jeweler, was first exposed by the Defenders in November 2018.

James Preston Green. (KSAT)

Weeks after the investigation was released, in December 2018, a district court judge approved a motion to revoke Green’s probation.

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Green was sentenced to six years in prison in early January 2019, but was released in November after serving less than half of his sentence, according to Bexar County court records.

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